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LTLuxury Touring (automotive model/feature)
LTLink Text (message boards)
LTLess Than (computer math)
LTLithuania (ISO Country Identifier)
LTLow Temperature
LTLook Through (Intelligent Jammers)
LTLooney Tunes
LTLote (Portuguese: lot; postal usage)
LTLucent Technologies
LTLow Tension
LTLower Tray
LTLimited Too (store)
LTLung Transplantation
LTLost Temple (gaming)
LTLatina, Lazio (Italian province)
LTLorentz Transformation
LTLorien Trust
LTLifetap (MMORPG games)
LTLast Telecast
LTLos Alamos Technical Associates
LTLufttransport AS (Norway)
LTLactate Threshhold
LTLong-Range Transmitter
LTLockout/Tagout Training
LTLaser Trooper (Star Kingdoms game)
LTLoudest Talker (voice conferencing algorithm)
LTLinetroll (Fault Passage Indicator; Nortroll AS, Norway)
LTTurn Left After Takeoff
LTLON-Talk Protocol
LTLubrication Threads (SAE)
LTLamar Transform
LTLanding Team
LTLady of the Thistle
LTLake Terminal Railroad Company
LTLakeland Terrier
LTLess Than or equal to (computer math)
LTLeft Tackle (football)
LTLead Technician
LTLinus Torvalds (developer/author of the Linux Kernel)
LTLatent Trait
LTLead Time
LTLevel Transmitter
LTLive Training
LTLogic Theory
LTLondon Transport
LTLong Text
LTLong Ton
LTLong Tour
LTLong Trail
LTLife Threatening
LTLeft Turn (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
LTLiquid Thinking (web integration, design and consulting company)
LTLight Truck
LTLength of Track
LTLetter of Transmittal
LTLashkar-e-Tayyiba (Kashmiri-focused militant group)
LTLinear Transformation (linear algebra)
LTLimited Term
LTL-Tryptophan (amino acid)
LTLawrence Taylor (football player)
LTLiteFuze Transformer
LTLiner Terms (shipping)
LTLeadership Team
LTLake Tahoe (California/Nevada)
LTLaplace Transform (mathematics)
LTLine Type (AutoCAD)
LTLocal Time
LTLeadership Trainer
LTLaut (German: according to)
LTLight Trucks
LTLadanian Tomlinson (football player)
LTLecture Theatre
LTLaGrande Technology (Intel)
LTLodge Treasurer (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
LTLive Trend
LTLeak Testing
LTLas Trampas (California)
LTLast Trade (or trading day)
LTLogical Topology
LTLine Terminal
LTLindsay Taylor (basketball)
LTLandtag (Legislative Body, Austria, Europe)
LTLow Testosterone
LTLong Transverse (raw metal piece width)
LtLeutnant (German: second lieutenant)
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INV104 (zafirlukast) is a leukotriene receptor antagonist (LTRA) that reduces inflammation, constriction of the airways, and the build-up of mucus in the lungs.
Taken orally, zileuton inhibits the 5-LO enzyme, which would otherwise catalyze the formation of leukotrienes from arachidonic acid.
Leukotriene B5 is formed in human neutrophils after dietary supplementation with icosapentaenoic acid.
We showed that a drug that blocks the production of leukotriene B4 blocks the development of allergic skin inflammation in a mouse model of eczema," said Dr.
Leukotriene receptor antagonists and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors are used to treat asthma patients, about 15% of whom are sensitive to cyclooxygenase inhibitors.
In humans, a randomized, controlled study by Combs showed that the leukotriene receptor antagonist montelukast in combination with amoxicillin was significantly more efficacious in clearing persistent OME than was amoxicillin and placebo (clearance rates: 58 and 16%, respectively).
Almost 6% of the babies born to women on a leukotriene antagonist had a major structural defect, a rate that was significantly higher than the rate in the group of women without asthma (0.
6) They act through the selective blockade of the cyteinyl leukotriene (cysLT1) receptors, which inhibits both the bronchoconstrictive and inflammatory effects of the leukotrienes.
is due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of key constituents such as rosmarinic acid, carnosol and the flavonoids which have previously demonstrated leukotriene, prostaglandin, nitric oxide and CYP modulatory activity.
The product has also been shown to modulate prostaglandin and leukotriene pathways and down-regulate cytokine gene expression, resulting in reduction of skin inflammation.
A troublesome variant of this protein boosts production of the inflammatory hormone leukotriene [B.
Before testing, the patient should refrain from use of short-acting beta agonists for 6 hours and leukotriene inhibitors, long-acting beta agonists, and cromolyn for 24 hours.