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LEVALunar Extravehicular Visor Assembly (US NASA)
LEVALaw Enforcement Video Association
LEVALight Electric Vehicle Association (trade group)
LEVALaw Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association
LEVALunar Extra Vehicular Activity (Apollo program)
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Leva scored 10, as did Patrick Fischer off the bench.
We are impressed with the growth of Gates Carbon Drive on eBikes and intrigued with the technology because it offers consumers and manufacturers a nice alternative to chain drives,” said Heather Marshman, LEVA executive director.
The bereaved in the villages of Ivanovo and Bisser will be paid 10 000 leva, Labour and Social Policy Minister Totyu Mladenov said.
The LEVA training facility at the University of Indianapolis will provide training and support for these new Regional Forensic Video Labs.
Other institutions to come under fire in recent days included the ministries of interior and agriculture, where minister Miroslav Naidenov said the bonuses paid were just 600 000 leva.
It helps that we're related to some of our investors,'' Leva said.
On behalf of GPU, Leva said, "This move demonstrates how serious GPU is about growing our business, and marks our second joint acquisition of an electricity distribution business overseas.
About 60 million leva are planned for next year's projects.
By noon on February 9, the BNT campaign had raised more than 61 000 leva through a special bank account and more 70 000 leva through short text messages.
Leva said the respectable theatrical performance was crucial in reaching a video deal amid a tight market for independent fare due to aggressive studio discounts to dealers.
Our results for 1995 are concrete evidence of how hard we're working both to protect and add to shareholder value as we face an increasingly competitive future," Leva told the shareholders.