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Some of his persons are vicious, and some virtuous; some are unlearned, or (as Chaucer calls them) lewd, and some are learned.
At this gilded, falsified populace, whose fathers were pickpockets, or carrion-crows, or rag-pickers, with wives compliant, lewd and forgetful:-- for they are all of them not far different from harlots--
All possible care, however, has been taken to give no lewd ideas, no immodest turns in the new dressing up of this story; no, not to the worst parts of her expressions.
The first part of her lewd life with the young gentleman at Colchester has so many happy turns given it to expose the crime, and warn all whose circumstances are adapted to it, of the ruinous end of such things, and the foolish, thoughtless, and abhorred conduct of both the parties, that it abundantly atones for all the lively description she gives of her folly and wickedness.
Dubai: A salesman alleged in court on Sunday that he was too drunk to remember if he had committed a lewd act in public while molesting an unidentified woman in a shopping mall.
Inspector Mark Trueman said: "We haven't had any reports of lewd activity in that area in along time.
He told police interrogators: "We received a number of complaints from guests and tourists, who stayed at the hotel, that the defendant had committed the same lewd act on the balcony a number of times.
Actress Daniele Watts, who appeared in ''Django Unchained,'' says she was unjustly handcuffed and detained Thursday after refusing to provide identification and walking away from officers responding to a report of lewd conduct in a car along Ventura Boulevard.
He added that the gangs specifically target young males through social media websites and lure them into engaging in lewd acts, using images and videos and dubbed voices of girls as baits.
Physio B said she spoke to Mr Doree's manager after claiming he made lewd remarks and saw him mimic cupping breasts with his hands during a conversation about 17 and 18-year-old girls who attended his daughter's 18th birthday party.
docx) Naked Selfies of the couple who took the smartphone and used it for lewd purposes.
Judge D Brooks Smith said that since the bracelets are not plainly lewd and because they comment on a social issue, they might not be categorically banned.