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For me the district institutions simply mean the liability to pay fourpence halfpenny for every three acres, to drive into the town, sleep with bugs, and listen to all sorts of idiocy and loathsomeness, and self-interest offers me no inducement.
The Municipal Solid Waste Exemption provides protection from CERCLA liability for the following generators of municipal waste: Owners, operators, or lessees of residential property from which the municipal solid waste was generated or businesses that employ on average not more than 100 full-time individuals and that are small business concerns during the three taxable years preceding the date of notification of potential liability under CERCLA or organizations exempt from tax during the taxable year preceding the date of notification of potential liability that employed not more than 100 paid individuals at the location which generated the municipal solid waste.
Offsetting involves crediting of overpayments against underpayments for the period of time when both the underpayment and the overpayment are unpaid and outstanding, even though they are from different tax years and represent different types of tax liability.
Since an LLC by definition already has limited liability, in practice it must lack two of the remaining three traits.
651 also specifically addresses the concerns of federal banking and lending agencies by providing protection for these entities and the next purchaser of the property by excluding them from liability for hazardous substance removal and exempting property held or sold by these agencies from certain CERCLA liens.
In general, a partner is allocated a share of a partnership liability under Sec.
FAS 157 provides this new definition of fair value: "Fair value is the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date.
The doctrine of liability that essentially makes one party responsible for the misconduct of another is known as "vicarious liability" There are a host of legal doctrines that can result in vicarious liability in the alliance setting.
Sellers want to be free of environmental liability after the sale, while buyers are reluctant to assume liability for a potentially contaminated site.
Under this exception, a liability is treated as incurred for a year if:
Many private companies are planning activities that may increase their exposure to management liability risks," Lisa McGee, vice president, Chubb & Son, said in a statement.
Once these are established, a risk reduction plan can be implemented to minimize the exposure as much as possible through administrative procedures; then consideration can be given to transferring the rest of the risk to an insurance company through the purchase of employee benefits liability and fiduciary liability.