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She was getting away from Tipton and Freshitt, and her own sad liability to tread in the wrong places on her way to the New Jerusalem.
He found he could so arrange the hangings that a very narrow slit between two of them permitted him to watch the actions of those in the alcove without revealing himself or increasing his liability of detection.
She argued that she was at least a little bit more intelligent than they, and that, therefore, there was less liability of an accident if she did the shooting.
With them, being tree-dwellers, the liability of falling was an ever-present menace.
Came the day when Grey Beaver, deciding that the liability of her running away was past, released Kiche.
Ah, I see," the Noser said, thoughtfully; "it is a liability.
For the honor of humanity, let me add that the liability which I had undertaken made no very serious demands on my resources.
A little later in our conversation I asked him a simple little question about the liability of workingmen to accidents, and received a statistical lecture in return.
A good observer, also, states that in cattle susceptibility to the attacks of flies is correlated with colour, as is the liability to be poisoned by certain plants; so that colour would be thus subjected to the action of natural selection.
With the liability to accident, we must see how little account is to be made of it.
The liability to get penal servitude is so far like genius that it isn't hereditary.
But is the art of medicine or any other art faulty or deficient in any quality in the same way that the eye may be deficient in sight or the ear fail of hearing, and therefore requires another art to provide for the interests of seeing and hearing-- has art in itself, I say, any similar liability to fault or defect, and does every art require another supplementary art to provide for its interests, and that another and another without end?