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LIEFLinkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (Australia)
LIEFLaser Induced Exciplex Fluorescence (chemistry)
LIEFLondon Irish Elders' Forum (UK)
LIEFLight Intensity Enhancement Factor
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One-third of adults in the United States are obese, and another third are overweight," Lief told Bloomberg News last month.
Wanneer jy doodgaan," belowe Platero se baas sy klein donkie, "sal ek jou nie langs die pad los nie, maar jou begrawe aan die voet van die groot den waarvoor jy lief was.
If those days aren't over, they're certainly numbered," Lief said.
She was whispering with Lief, telling him the whole story.
Lief, professor emeritus of psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
Harris: Folksong Symphony; Vladimir Golschmann, American Festival Chorus and Orchestra; Arthur Lief, New York Chamber Orchestra.
With consolidation in the fresh produce industry, market authority chairman Lief Mills wants to diversify into other foods and services.
Beth Lief, president and executive officer of New Visions for Public Schools, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop programs that promote better instruction, higher student achievement, and greater school accountability.
Now he's set for the seventh defence of his WBO super-middleweight crown against Scandinavian Lief Kristian Keiskei on July 5 at Glasgow's Kelvin Hall.
His other works include De taal der liefde (1972; "The Language of Love"), Ik had hem lief (1975; "I Loved Him"), and Bezorgde ouders (1988; Parents Worry).
Howard Lief, a founding member and spokesperson for the Foundation, was in Montreal to hold a $100 entrance-fee symposium on the "False Memory Syndrome" -- a "syndrome" which FMSF members say is caused by therapists who "plant memories" of childhood abuse in adult women.
Arena 13 Joseph Delaney This main character in this book is a boy called Lief, whose mother was killed by a murderous creature called Hob.