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Two crew members reached the conclusion that if they had stayed with the life raft, as they are taught to do, then hypothermia would have set in.
Vacuum sealed in its hermetic envelope inside the hard fibreglass canister (or valise carry bag), the life raft is ready for any emergency.
Two lifeboat volunteers were put on board the life raft to check it was empty before it was towed ashore.
The life raft is anchored just off Tynemouth Longsands next to the Lifeguard Station, where Sam volunteers.
We are fearful that the fisherman entered the water on Tuesday night and after an extensive search we have found a life raft that was drifting off Llanddulas which we have matched to the missing vessel.
A coastguard spokesman said: "After a navy warship relocated the overturned sailing vessel on Friday, search planners confirmed the boat's life raft was secured in its storage space in the aft portion of the boat, indicating the crew had not been able to use it for emergency purposes.
The crew had time to send a brief SOS before bailing out in an inflatable life raft where an RAF helicopter winched them to safety 40 minutes later.
Some features we feel are desirable in any life raft, others are less important if flying to a Caribbean island versus crossing the Atlantic or Pacific oceans or overflying cold water.
We illuminated the life raft with the searchlight so the fishermen could see that we were deploying aid.
What I value about the timeless Eastern philosophies like Vedas, Buddhism, and Taoism is that the life directional wisdom they offer is described as a life raft that we need to cling to in order to cross the Sea of Ignorance and Suffering to get to the Shore of Enlightenment.
But a literary life raft serves a very different purpose, doesn't it?