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Starting this week, seven of the lifeboat volunteers from Flint are undergoing an intensive Casualty Care course at the lifeboat station, revisiting training from previous courses, and looking at a range of initiatives.
Huw Williams and his nineyear-old son Steffan made the trip to the London Boat Show on Wednesday along with other members of the Ceredigion Lifeboat Campaign as they continue their quest to get the RNLI to overturn their decision not to replace the all-weather lifeboat in New Quay when the current model's operational life ends in 2020.
The all-weather lifeboat Andy Pearce was slowly pulled through Llandudno before being launched on North Shore with hundreds turning out to bid farewell.
John Senior, lifeboat operations manager, said: "The RNLI crews and coastguard helicopter responded quickly and worked together to ensure the casualty was transferred to hospital as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Leonie set off in a yacht and was escorted by the lifeboat across Oban bay to Dungallan Park for the ceremony on Saturday.
The honours went to 10-year-old Harry Mascall, who is on a mission to visit all of the 238 RNLI lifeboat stations in Britain and Ireland to raise the profile of, and drum up funds for, the organisation.
Families flocked to the quay on Sunday to support their volunteer lifeboat service's fun day.
Helmsman Chris Page, who was driving Porthcawl's Atlantic 85 lifeboat, was able to recover his vision and resume the operation soon after.
The provision of an additional all-weather lifeboat means our lifeboat crew can launch in all conditions, day or night.
Around 250 people will attend a ceremony on Sunday to launch the new Shannon class lifeboat.
The new Atlantic 85 lifeboat for Skerries RNLI was officially named Louis Simson thanks his to his wife's touching legacy.
Around 8,000 people crammed into the Anglesey village of Moelfre on Saturday for the annual lifeboat day.