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LIGHTLeeds Institute of Genetics, Health and Therapeutics (University of Leeds; UK)
LIGHTLeadership in Global Health Technology
LIGHTLanco Institute of General Humanitarian Trust
LIGHTLong Island Ghost Hunting Team (New York)
LIGHTLearning in Godly Homes Together (homeschool organization)
LIGHTLearning Islamic Guidance for Human Tolerance
LIGHTLeaders in Godly Home Teaching
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For the rest of the days, the light was kept dim--less than 2 lux--except for occasional periods of total darkness lasting up to 4 hours a day and, on the sixth day, jolts of intense, colored light.
In this context, then, what is to separate the light of Jesus Christ from all these other lights?
Quartz-Tungsten-Halogen lights seem to be the most common light cure source in today's dental practice.
They want to spend time out there, to live there - and to do that, they need light,'' he said.
Einstein saw light as a stream of energy particles.
They often take up to five minutes to "warm up" to achieve full light output.
Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning in 1996 that the tubular light bulbs in most torchiere-style halogen lamps "can reach very high temperatures [1,000 degrees Fahrenheit] and could start a fire if they come in contact with curtains or other flammable material.
There is no reason why land-use planning should get all tangled up with light rail," says Moshovsky.
The technology patent defines the method and practice for creating a white or multi-colored lighting source by combining the photoluminescence of polymers and/or organic films with photon emissions from a solid-state inorganic light source.
Durable Technologies Develops Intelligent Light Control Module II-37
Sheila Kennedy's team at Kennedy & Violich Architecture in Boston designed the solar-powered lamps, which depend on light emitting diodes (LEDs).