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LILALega Italiana per la Lotta Contro l'Aids (Italian: Italian League for the Fight against AIDS; Torino, Italy)
LILALigue Internationale de la Librairie Ancienne
LILALiving Independently in Los Angeles (disability project; Los Angeles, CA)
LILALane Independent Living Alliance (Eugene, OR)
LILALiposome Immune Lysis Assay (molecular biology)
LILALow Interest Loan Assistance (Ministry of Small Business Development; Canada)
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Emr has announced plans to launch parallel sales for Lila in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on 11th of this month, and the prospective investors registration will be started at 10am on 8th January, 2013, on its website.
Kate and Lila will get cracking on designs over Christmas at their Cotswolds pad.
He showers Lila with kisses and can be seen sitting on the couch stroking her during the programme.
After enforcing the law in hit detective series Scott & Bailey, Suranne continues her fight for justice in this legal drama, playing outspoken and ambitious Lila Pettitt.
Lila Mae finds Fulton's notebooks that contain the plans for the black box, and she delivers them, incomplete, to both of the elevator companies.
Lila is a dark, powerful, uplifting, unforgettable novel.
However, the options for Lofbergs Lila were restricted by the limited floor space in its roasting house in Karlstad, requiring specific machinery that could fit in the available space.
Lila and Molly's mum Jos said: "Molly and Lila had a great time and Lila has benefited so much from the work of the Sunshine Fund.
Lila believes there are many challenges facing nursing today.
At times, the enthusiasm of the cast means their speech is a little too rapid, making it difficult to keep up, but the liveliness of Lila and her friend, elephant keeper Chulak (Ben Wong), endear them to us from the start.
The Capital's oldest Ram Lila continues to draw passionate actors from Moradabad and Bareilly