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LIMPLysosomal Integral Membrane Protein
LIMPLong Island Motor Parkway (New York)
LIMPLarge Image Manipulation Program (est. 1998; image processing)
LIMPLanguage Independent Macro Processor
LIMPLinux Internet Messaging Program
LIMPLaboratory Instrument Maintenance Program
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You should be able to tell 'Alexa, ask Siri X,' " Limp said.
Jordan is walking with an intermittent right-sided limp.
During the examination, try to determine the type of limp.
That is what I and a growing number of rugby supporters wear on our shirts now, it can be easily sown over the limp German feathers.
Nevertheless, David Limp, PalmSource's senior VP of corporate and business development, was supportive of Sony's choice.
LAS VEGAS -- Of all the conditions that may cause a child to limp or refuse to walk, septic arthritis is an emergency with a time-dependent outcome, Dr.
Her life was marred by physical trauma--from childhood polio that left her with a limp, to serious injury in 1926, when a bus she was riding collided with a streetcar.
She has a slight limp and stiff legs after she's been sitting in a chair for a period of time.
Of course, there was the possibility that the limp and the stiffness--even the graying hair--were just part of the show.
CLAIRE: You limp, you lisp and your ear is all clumpy.