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LIPLife Insurance Policy
LIPLeft In Place
LIPLarge Internet Packet
LIPLicensed Independent Practitioner (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)
LIPLateral Intraparietal
LIPLarge Igneous Province
LIPLaboratoire d'Informatique de Paris
LIPLymphoid Interstitial Pneumonia (Sheep Lentivirus)
LIPLocal Initiative Program
LIPLife In Place (website)
LIPLaser-Induced Plasma
LIPLow Ignition Propensity (tobacco products)
LIPLoop Initialization Primitive (fibre channel)
LIPLitigant in Person (legal)
LIPLanguage Industry Program (Canada)
LIPLife in Provincetown (website)
LIPlease in perpetuity
LIPLoan-in-Process (bank account)
LIPLean Integration Platform
LIPLine Item Project
LIPLatency Insensitive Protocol
LIPLegislative Information Pipeline
LIPLegal Intern Program
LIPLocal Indigenous Person(nel)
LIPLauncher Interface Processor
LIPLexicon of the Indo-European Particles
LIPLins, Sao Paulo, Brazil (airport code)
LIPLoop Interface Protocol
LIPLadies Inter-Parish group
LIPLife Insurance Pathways (insurance education)
LIPLoader Image Protocol
LIPLight Impression of Plate Number (plate block number on stamps)
LIPLoi sur L'instruction Publique (French: Education Act; Canada)
LIPLanguage Interface Pack (Microsoft Windows XP language localized "skin")
LIPLithium Ion Polymer
LIPLift Improvement Program (US Navy)
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In all the babble of words that fell from the lips of the men with whom she adventured she was trying to find what would be for her the true word,
A young girl--especially if she be a very pretty one--can never be too chary of her lips.
I don't care if you tell your mother, my mother, and all your relations, and the president," said Rebecca, gaining courage as the noble words fell from her lips.
Then the smile he knew so well began to grow on her lips and in her eyes, until she threw back her head and laughed in the old forthright boyish way.
Twice she opened her lips, and twice no sound came from them.
She bent to him and with her handkerchief dabbed his lip and forehead dry, then dried his palms.
Hannah nodded without speaking, for her lips twitched nervously, Meg dropped down into a chair as the strength seemed to go out of her limbs at the sound of those words, and Jo, standing with a pale face for a minute, ran to the parlor, snatched up the telegram, and throwing on her things, rushed out into the storm.
His cheeks and chin were in the bluest bloom of smooth shaving; his nose was short Roman; his lips long, thin, and supple, curled up at the corners with a mildly-humorous smile.
The elder woman grew pale beneath the coarse powder that daubed her cheeks, and her dry lips twitched with a spasm of pain.
This was continued for a few moments, then it was softened into a glad surprise, and from his lips came a sigh of relief.
Porthos shrugged his shoulders; Aramis by a movement of his lips endorsed Athos.
Danglars and Caderousse set off upon their errand at full speed; but ere they had gone many steps they perceived a group advancing towards them, composed of the betrothed pair, a party of young girls in attendance on the bride, by whose side walked Dantes' father; the whole brought up by Fernand, whose lips wore their usual sinister smile.