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A man's health requires as many acres of meadow to his prospect as his farm does loads of muck.
This was not a serious matter to me, for a Latinist's duties are as well performed on crutches as otherwise-- but the fact remained that if the Latinist had not happened to be in the way a mule would have got that load.
I toted up a load, and went back and set down on the bow of the skiff to rest.
The audience loaded her stomach with their dinners, and then stole the pantry bare to load up her basket.
They cast down their load and began to open the grave.
And whenever we tried to persuade him to feel cheerfuler, he only shook his head and said if we only knowed what it was to carry around a murderer's load in your heart we wouldn't talk that way.
Now you've had all you can stan' to-night, poor little soul, without gettin' a fit o' sickness; an' Mirandy'll be sore an' cross an' in no condition for argyment; so my plan is jest this: to drive you over to the brick house in my top buggy; to have you set back in the corner, an' I git out an' go to the side door; an' when I git your aunt Mirandy 'n' aunt Jane out int' the shed to plan for a load o' wood I'm goin' to have hauled there this week, you'll slip out o' the buggy and go upstairs to bed.
Nothing has been left undone to cripple their intellects, darken their minds, debase their moral nature, obliterate all traces of their relation- ship to mankind; and yet how wonderfully they have sustained the mighty load of a most frightful bond- age, under which they have been groaning for cen- turies
That we should have risked a second boat load seems more daring than it really was.
Somebody's load has tipped off in the road-- Cheer for a halt and a row
But tell me where it is, and I will load my eighty camels with it, and give you one of them as a token of my gratitude.
Whence come you and where go you with your load of meat?