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LBBYLobby (US Postal service standard street suffix)
LBBYLebanese Board on Books for Young People (est. 1974)
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Now that the Beef Trust had adopted the trick of raising prices to induce enormous shipments of cattle, and then dropping them again and scooping in all they needed, a stock raiser was very apt to find himself in Chicago without money enough to pay his freight bill; and so he had to go to a cheap hotel, and it was no drawback to him if there was an agitator talking in the lobby.
The two gentlemen walked with some quickness of step to a distant part of the lobby, where Newman perceived them stop and stand talking.
When they reached the lobby of the turret-rooms, Mimi believed that the object of her search was ahead of her.
A solemn peacefulness seemed to reign in that lobby.
Tantripp had brought a card, and said that there was a gentleman waiting in the lobby.
In the lobby he came face to face with Ernestine and Francis.
In the lobby the Prince laid his hand upon Somerfield's arm.
Come along, gentlemen," said the girl, who now led the two brothers through an inner lobby to the back of the prison.
On the night of his arrival in London, Alexander went immediately to the hotel on the Embankment at which he always stopped, and in the lobby he was accosted by an old acquaintance, Maurice Mainhall, who fell upon him with effusive cordiality and indicated a willingness to dine with him.
She left all the Howards End keys in the front lobby, and assumed that you'd seen them as you came in, that you'd lock up the house when you'd done, and would bring them on down to her.
We drive down Broadway to Wallack's at a gallop, where her mother and a box party will be waiting for us in the lobby.
He met Crawley in the lobby, however, where they exchanged a few sentences upon the occurrences of the last fortnight.