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LKRSri Lankan Rupee (currency code)
LKRLittle Kids Rock (musical charity)
LKRLegitimerade Kiropraktorers Riksorganisation (Swedish: National Association of Legitmized Chiropractors)
LKRLysine-Ketoglutarate Reductase (biochemistry)
LKRLatvijas Kristigais Radio (Latvian: Latvian Christian Radio; radio station)
LKRLazy K Ranch (Appling, GA)
LKRLepic-Kroeger, Realtors (est. 1972; Iowa City, IA)
LKRLivestock Keepers' Rights
LKRAmphibious RO-RO Cargo Ship
LKRLeonard Kirsch Research (est. 1989)
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Little Em'ly had overcome her shyness, and was sitting by my side upon the lowest and least of the lockers, which was just large enough for us two, and just fitted into the chimney corner.
I will presently find means to smuggle you out of here into the sail locker, which communicates with the lobby.
He sat upon the padded locker, wrapped about very carefully, for the air, though calm, was exhilaratingly cold and clear.
Those in the cabin broke into the food lockers, and those above scrambled down and joined them in a feast on our crackers and canned goods.
The locker was a broad one; Launce was able to seat himself partially behind her.
To take my clubs to my locker and pay my caddy," she replied.
As long as there's a shot in the locker, she shall want for nothing," said the generous fellow, quite pleased with himself for his magnificence of spirit.
Shelf, bracket, locker, hook, and drawer were equally within reach, and were equally contrived with a view to avoiding waste of room, and providing some snug inches of stowage for something that would have exactly fitted nowhere else.
The man's swum off," drawled out Hollis from the locker.
The spirit being set before him in a huge case-bottle, which had originally come out of some ship's locker, he settled himself in an arm-chair with his large head and face squeezed up against the back, and his little legs planted on the table.
And everywhere was in evidence the economy of space--the narrow bunks, the swinging tables, the incredible lockers.
It was all fitted with lockers from top to bottom, so as to stow away the officers' belongings and a part of the ship's stores; there was a second store-room underneath, which you entered by a hatchway in the middle of the deck; indeed, all the best of the meat and drink and the whole of the powder were collected in this place; and all the firearms, except the two pieces of brass ordnance, were set in a rack in the aftermost wall of the round-house.