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LSGLogistic(s) Support Group
LSGLight to Solar Gain
LSGLufthansa Service GMBH
LSGLittle School Girl
LSGLagos State Government
LSGLump Sum Grant
LSGLife Sciences Glovebox
LSGLunar Surface Gravimeter
LSGLow Sulfur Gasoline
LSGLocal Street Gazetteer
LSGLevert Sweat and Gill (band)
LSGLogistics Solutions Group
LSGLazy, Stupid, and Godless
LSGLinear Sequence Generator
LSGLan Speed Games (website)
LSGLateral/Logistical Support Group
LSGLongitudinal Study of Generations
LSGLow Speed Group
LSGLocal Surface Group (3D object recognition; computer science)
LSGLong Slow Goodbye
LSGLip Smacking Good
LSGLoco Secretaris-Generaal (Dutch: vice general secretary)
LSGlow-idle speed governor
LSGLaboratorio de Soluciones Geneticas SC (Mexico)
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The directors of Hubline say a partnership with PCML will provid Hubline with an advantageous platform to expand its existing dry bulk logistic services and to move into the liquid chemical logistic service.
He pointed out the advantages offered by Bahrain for attracting industrial and logistic investments, including lower labour and operating costs compared to neighboring countries, noting Bahrain's strategic geographical location, flexible laws and free ownership right.
Addressing the forum, former finance minister, Dr Salman Shah proposed to establish an autonomous body 'National Integrity Logistic and Transport Authority' (NILTA) to help promoting the sector at world class level so that it could face the challenges emerging from CPEC.
Logistic regression analysis has similarity to a linear regression model but is appropriate in situations where there exist binary outcomes of dependent variable.
He would also be looking after all PN stores and ammunition depots and would also be responsible for all logistic support/construction units and repair/maintenance facilities of Pakistan Navy.
The company affirmed that it uses economic, business data, social indicators and the development of transportation sector to rank the countries in logistic services markets indicators.
The aim of this work was to evaluate the three most common parameterizations of the Logistic and Gompertz nonlinear models with a focus on their nonlinearity and how this might affect inferences, and to establish relations between the parameters under the various expressions of the models.
Snezana Kokravolchevska owner of Globeks and Globko Logistic stressed that currently there are 200 employees in the company in all 18 branches.
This study explores the use and the role of logistic strategies by Lebanese firms in their process of adopting with the global requirements.
To lower the sidelobes of radar signals based on chaotic map, Reference [11] suggested making use of the chaotic weak-structure property to produce chaotic map, based on this idea Multi-Segment Bernoulli (MSB) system was proposed; Reference [12] suggested utilizing high dimensional chaotic map with more complicated phase space structure to generate chaotic frequency modulated (FM) radar signal; Reference [13] took advantage of Hyper Chaotic Logistic Phase Coded (HCLPC) signal along with Tikhonov regularization method to lower sidelobes.
Purpose: The authors developed a logistic regression model to predict who would pass-or-fail the new Texas chemistry STAAR end-of-course exam.