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LOOLeave One Out (classification analysis)
LOOLast One Out
LOOLetter Of Offer
LOOLine of Operation
LOOLikelihood of Occurrence
LOOLicense of Occupation (forestry document)
LOOLog of Operations
LOOLesbian Owned and Operated (corporate management)
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Data sets analyzed by Loo and by Pepin don't suggest a link.
The worlds first computerised musical loo came to Coventry and 18-year old David Tunnicliffe couldn't resist singing along.
Primarily however it is an art exhibition, and organisers are hoping for works by more than 100 local artists on the subject of toilets, including Loo Seat in the Sky with Dimes On, and even painted loo seats themselves.
The loo is being paid for by the Scottish Government, Highland Council and several private sources.
The problem started when she was sent to buy a packet of loo rolls by her mother six years ago.
Previous Loo of Wales winner Mrs Stephens said The Ernest Willows pub is dedicated to setting the benchmark for loo luxury, which staff achieve by cleaning three times an hour and deep cleaning every three hours.
Northern Print, in Newcastle's Ouseburn, has won a top prize at the National Loo of the Year Awards.
The best line I ever heard from a rather irate friend was in a pub loo about her new boyfriend.
She said the loo before had been "very plain and uninspiring.
Built four years ago to replace a 27-year-old block in the High Street, the loos are the only attendant-operated toilets run by Hambleton Council and there is a 25p charge for every visit.