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LOPLibrary of Parliament (Information and Documentation Branch; Ottawa, Canada)
LOPLength of Pull (shooting)
LOPLiga Ochrony Przyrody (Polish: Nature Protection League, Warsaw, Poland)
LOPLoss of Pointer (SONET)
LOPLetter of Permission
LOPLocal Oversight Program
LOPList of Participants (United Nations)
LOPLoss of Power
LOPLine Of Position
LOPLines Of Position
LOPList of Publications (academia)
LOPLean of Peak (fuel mixture setting)
LOPLack of Power
LOPLevels of Processing (human memory theory)
LOPLive Online Portal (website)
LOPLife of Project
LOPLetter of Protest
LOPLoss of Pay
LOPLoss of Privileges
LOPletter of protection
LOPLow Operating Power
LOPLack of Penetration (welding)
LOPLords of Pain (website)
LOPLack of Performance (human resources)
LOPLeast Objectionable Program (Paul Klein, NBC)
LOPLow on Power (gaming)
LOPLoss of Offsite Power
LOPLeft Occipito Posterior (fetal position)
LOPLocal Operating Procedure
LOPLocal Operating Panel
LOPLocal Operational Plan
LOPLetter Of Proposal
LOPLack of Potential
LOPLetter Of Promulgation
LOPLinear Optimization Problem
LOPLord of the Pit (Magic the Gathering)
LOPList of Open Points (project management)
LOPLogistics Officer Program
LOPLikely Operational
LOPLunar Orbital Prospector
LOPLauncher Operator Panel
LOPLetter Of Procurement
LOPLight Off Panel
LOPLosing Our Parents (website)
LOPLow Oil Pressure
LOPLaw of One Price (economics)
LOPLabour Overhead and Profit
LOPLet Out Property (real estate designation)
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30-30 WIN, CAP 6+1, 20 Inch Blued Barrel, Adjustable Rifle Sight, LOP 13-7/8 Inch, Engraved Receiver, Safety Orange Straight Grip Wood Stock.
It is a great privilege for AIDS Healthcare Foundation to partner in the Kingdom of Thailand with the Provincial Government in Lop Buri and the Dramaraksa Foundation to open this first 'Center of Hope.
If your stock tends to catch when bringing it to the shoulder (and remember to test wearing hunting clothes, not a summer shirt) a shorter LOP may be the answer.
The blends with low LOP content, [greater than or equal to] 4 vol%, showed ellipsoidal particles with the long axis in a radial direction, i.
The third, Elif, joined him on an arduous expedition to China, where they visited the "cave of a thousand Buddhas" in the desert of Lop Nor.
Action Adventure: Snake, Lop Ears, City Cop, Chopper, Mooney and the Valley of Gems, Jet Fighter, Catch the Coin, Haunted House, Office Zombies, Opals Quest, Space Fighter, Shark, Skateboard Fighting, Eternity's Child, Venturama, Soldier Beetles, Storm Spy, Saving 2046, Arabia Storehouse, The Last Vampire.
3 Inch Chamber, CAP 2, 28 Inch Matte Blue Barrel, LOP 14 % Inch, Bead Sight, Engraved Receiver, Safety Orange Synthetic Stock.
The amendment in the DSPE Act is being sought by the government as there is no recognised LoP in the Lok Sabha.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- With Iran battling with a double-digit inflation rate, an administration committee working on the reform of the country's economy approved a proposal to lop three zeros off the Iranian Rial.
I am absolutely l thrilled that Wooden Spoon has provr ided v us with the cash to deve e lop these fantastic a facilities," said principal Ian Elliot.
BIG EARS: The lop rabbit when fully grown, will have ears which will reach 28-30 inches' LITTLE WONDER: Steve Hart with an 11-week-old English lop rabbit which has ears measuring 22 inches
Cashmere Lop Non/self u/5 months Dwarf Lop REW adult J Bramley (Upton).