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LOPLibrary of Parliament (Information and Documentation Branch; Ottawa, Canada)
LOPLength of Pull (shooting)
LOPLiga Ochrony Przyrody (Polish: Nature Protection League, Warsaw, Poland)
LOPLoss of Pointer (SONET)
LOPLetter of Permission
LOPLocal Oversight Program
LOPList of Participants (United Nations)
LOPLoss of Power
LOPLine Of Position
LOPLines Of Position
LOPList of Publications (academia)
LOPLean of Peak (fuel mixture setting)
LOPLack of Power
LOPLevels of Processing (human memory theory)
LOPLive Online Portal (website)
LOPLife of Project
LOPLetter of Protest
LOPLoss of Pay
LOPLoss of Privileges
LOPletter of protection
LOPLow Operating Power
LOPLack of Penetration (welding)
LOPLords of Pain (website)
LOPLack of Performance (human resources)
LOPLeast Objectionable Program (Paul Klein, NBC)
LOPLow on Power (gaming)
LOPLoss of Offsite Power
LOPLeft Occipito Posterior (fetal position)
LOPLocal Operating Procedure
LOPLocal Operating Panel
LOPLocal Operational Plan
LOPLetter Of Proposal
LOPLack of Potential
LOPLetter Of Promulgation
LOPLinear Optimization Problem
LOPLord of the Pit (Magic the Gathering)
LOPList of Open Points (project management)
LOPLogistics Officer Program
LOPLikely Operational
LOPLunar Orbital Prospector
LOPLauncher Operator Panel
LOPLetter Of Procurement
LOPLight Off Panel
LOPLosing Our Parents (website)
LOPLow Oil Pressure
LOPLaw of One Price (economics)
LOPLabour Overhead and Profit
LOPLet Out Property (real estate designation)
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For example, operating LOP means we'll give up some horsepower--refer again to the graphs on page 14--and therefore be flying more slowly.
Then he would have taken up a course that was perpendicular to the LOP, in this case 067[degrees], and would have computed a dead reckoning position and time for intercepting the LOR When they reached that time, they would have turned right to about 157[degrees] to fly down the LOP to Howland.
If your stock tends to catch when bringing it to the shoulder (and remember to test wearing hunting clothes, not a summer shirt) a shorter LOP may be the answer.
which consisted of LOP particles of anisotropic shape slightly different from the structure observed in the outer regions of the cross section.
As a benchmark for comparison to the preliminary results, consider the half-lives estimated for international deviations from LOP (that is, from Purchasing Power Parity) by Frankel and Rose [JIE, February 1996] who found a half-life of 4.
The third, Elif, joined him on an arduous expedition to China, where they visited the "cave of a thousand Buddhas" in the desert of Lop Nor.
One wonders if they might not even be the fruit of Lop Lop, the wraithlike bird of Max Ernst's later paintings.
Order your Skillet with Egg Beaters and no cheese and you'll lop off 310 calories, 29 grams of fat (14 of them saturated), and 370 mg of sodium.
CRT effectively removes some of the most persistent and powerful spyware programs today, including Commonname, LOP, SurfSidekick, VX2/Abetterinternet/Aurora, and Elite Keylogger.
My neighbour wants me to lop 3m off the top of my leylandii trees.