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LOVELiving One Vibrational Energy
LOVELinguistics of Visual English
LOVELoss of Valuable Energy
LOVELet Our Violence End (Little Rock, AR)
LOVELegs Open Very Easy
LOVELet Older Volunteers Educate
LOVELeave out Violence Everywhere
LOVELook Observe Verify Enjoy
LOVELove Overcomes Virtually Everything (album)
LOVELet Our Voices Echo
LOVELoss of Valuable Education
LOVEListen, Overlook, Value, Encourage
LOVELeague of Villainous Entities
LOVELunar Observations Verifier Editor
LOVELots of Valuable Energy
LOVELots of Varied Emotions
LOVELanguage of Various Emotions
LOVELet Our Values Endure
LOVELand of Sorrow, Ocean of Tears, Valley of Death, End of Life
LOVELiving Our Vision Everyday
LOVELife's Only Valuable Emotion
LOVELife Offers Valuable Experiences (One Love Services, Inc.)
LOVELiving out Various Emotions
LOVELots of Violent Emotions
LOVELove Others Very Eagerly
LOVELet Our Voices Emerge (charity)
LOVELove Our Valuable Earth (student-created environmental magazine; Canada)
LOVELiving off Vital Emotions
LOVELiving Our Values Everyday
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BLANCHARD TERRY Happy Father's Day dad hope you have a lovely day lots of love from us all xxx BLIGH MARK Happy fathers day dad love you all the world and back lillie xx Bligh PAT Happy Father's Day dad lots of love Sandra Dave and kids xxx BLIGH PAT Happy fathers day grandad pat love you lots lillie xx BLYTH LEE Happy Fathers Day to our best mate and the best dad in the world
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Well, if we are going to love him it probably won't be in eros, which is passionate and erotic love--though no doubt there will be some who remain passionately attracted to Ghomeshi.
I love that the librarians I've encountered never really shush people like in the movies.
It is by experiencing the varieties of love in depth that enables the private ego to be in spite of the threat of nonbeing.
Real love requires acceptance of divine revelation and purification of our defects.
If God did choose to bring a beloved into being to seek love's fulfillment, then God must have done it the way we might love the mate we haven't met yet.
By the early twentieth century the literature of love had to deal with marriage as the crisis of Shumway's title took shape.
As a result, there are only three to four foreign investment funds dabbling in love hotel properties as a profitable side business--and you won't find any of them in the press.
Sex connected with love is the one of the best ways human beings have to experience the bliss of the union for which we long.
Love includes all the real, often petty resentments that must be swept aside in its name, as Kenneth Fearing so aptly illustrates in "Love 20 Cents the First Quarter Mile.