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Thus, the majority explained that Keyn and Mocambique merely provided examples of actions, about status and rein respectively, in which the common law did not extend beyond low-water mark because of the particular questions intruding in those cases:
The final text of Article 7(3) reads as follows: For the purpose of measurement, the area of an indentation is that lying between the low-water mark around the shore of the indentation and a line joining the low-water marks of its natural entrance points.
The Oscars also fell below their previous low-water mark of 33.
Bush's support among Republicans has slipped to 70%, just two points above the low-water mark for his party base, also in May 2006.
John Robinson of the Wildlife Conservation Society said: "This report documents a low-water mark for tigers and charts a way forward to reverse the tide.
For example, a lot of our coastal management legislation ends at the high-water tide mark of the low-water mark.
Part of a rehearsed comedy routine, the ill-conceived remark may be the low-water mark for public displays of presidential dignity -- a significant achievement, given the accomplishments of President Bush's predecessor.
And this right of the sovereign extends to ordinary high-water mark; so that the shore, which is the space between high-water and low-water mark, belongs also to the sovereign.
If there is any way up from this low-water mark of American political history, it's by shifting the focus of debate past the personal shootout between Clinton and Starr and on to such broader institutional dangers, starting with the investigation itself.
100 YEARS AGO: Despite assertions to the contrary in some quarters, the cycle trade in Coventry is at a low-water mark and one hears nothing of "booms".