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LYSELong Yang Safety Engineering Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
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The Axiros platform will allow Lyse to manage several backhaul networks, (e.
The traditional treatment has been to lyse the labia, but this will be a stopgap measure only.
Les effets differencies de la therapie de groupe aupres de conjoints violents : une analyse des facteurs d'aide, directeur de recherche, Jocelyn Lindsay ; co-chercheurs-es, Daniel Turcotte, Lyse Montminy ; professionnelle de recherche, Valerie Roy ; partenaires, Groupe d'aide aux personnes impulsives, Trajectoires Hommes du KRTB, Centre toutes agressions conjugales.
The aim of the trial will be to test the ability of BB-10153, given at doses between 1 and 5mg/kg, to lyse (dissolve) clots and restore blood flow in the coronary arteries of heart attack patients and to determine the safety of the treatment, especially with respect to bleeding.
These procedures were designed to provide a severe test for the filtration/ lysis module because the sample is typically very dilute, the digestants used to liquefy sputum are PCR-inhibitory, and the organism's cellular wall is lipid-rich, rendering it difficult to effectively lyse.
2001 90m prod Lyla Films, p Lyse Lafontaine, Pierre Latour, d Louis Belanger, Isabelle Hebert, SC Isabelle Hebert, ph Guy Dufaux, ed Claude Palardy, s Serge Beauchemin, Marcel Pothier, Hans Peter Strobl; with Pierre Bourgault, Jean Charbonneau, Pierre-Henri Deleau, Guy Dufaux, Pierre Falardeau, Roger Frappier, Pierre Gendron, Louis Grenier, Isabelle Hebert, Lyse Lafontaine, Alma Lauzon, Gaston Lepage, Gilles Maheu.
Lyse Hurd's article, "Families, Faith, and Mental Health" ("Creative Controversy," January/February 2001), poses a challenge to humanism and the American Humanist Association on two issues.
Lyse Flanz Ginsberg, president of Caramoor Capital Group, announced that it has placed a 10-year, $543,750 loan on a 26-unit property located on W.
Project team Andre Perrotte, Gilles Saucier, Martin Bouchard, Yves Bouchard, Robert D'Errico, Andrew Dunbar, Jean-Francois Lagace, Lyse Lachance, Pierre Colpron, Oscar Juarros, Franck Thonon
The new phages flood the interior of the bacterium and eventually lyse, or burst, its cell wall, spreading to other bacteria and repeating the cycle.
Demonstration Projects With Statoil and Lyse and Gothenburg Energy will Feature GE's Latest Offshore, Direct Drive Wind Turbine Technology
The Forum welcomed Lyse Smart to deliver the keynote presentation.