mFR1Murine FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) Receptor 1
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Figure 10: Stage 2--vertical elongation: mfr1 (left), mfr2 (middle), velocity field vectors and interface positions (right)
Figure 13: Stage 3--base shrinking: mfr1 (left), mfr2 (middle), velocity field vectors and interface positions (right)
Thus, AMMI models with one or two bilinear terms were possibly less effective than the MFR1 and MFR2 models.
A multiple FR model (MFR3) including the cross products of the cultivar covariable NGS with the environmental covariables SHM, mTD, and PRF gave a very good fit and, on the basis of the differences in sums of squares and df, was not significantly different from MFR1.
The inbound Feature Group D call model that is used in the benchmark consists of an incoming call on channel A with an E&M wink start trunk type, including the MFR1 digits and two 12-digit strings for the ANI and the Called Party ID.
The T1 inbound generates seize signaling (off-hook) to the benchmark LNX 2000, and the LNX allocates and attaches an MFR1 receiver DSP and responds with a wink signal.