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MOSMMultiphase Oil Spill Model (environmental computational hydraulics)
MOSMMobile Originated Short Message (wireless communications)
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5 g/100 ml of = od300 osmolarity to 440 mOsm / l, to supply the oral and / or by gavage.
marinus in 910 mOsm synthetic seawater (isotonic seawater) or 100-[micro]L isotonic seawater via mantle cavity injections with a 1-ml syringe and a 1", 25-gauge needle.
The osmolarity of the solution was adjusted to 290 mOsm using an osmometer (Boyer, Casablanca, Morocco).
Between 22 and 24 oysters were maintained in each of four 20-gallon tanks with temperature/osmolality combinations of 25[degrees]C & 540 mOsm [18.
Therefore, on a typical diet containing 900 mOsm of solute, if the urine can be maximally diluted to 50 mOsm/kg, water intake would need to exceed 15 L/d to result in dilutional hyponatremia, according to the following formula:
According to Stephen Turner, director of research and development project management, "The blood is around 250 mOsm, and the sports drinks above that threshold actually remove water until equilibrium is reached.
Mannitol may also be given to hypovolemic, head-injured patients in conjunction with crystalloid and colloid solutions to maintain plasma serum osmolality between 300 and 320 mOsm per liter.
The service utilizes MOSM (mobile originated short message) and WAP technologies to communicate with many types of wireless handsets, personal digital assistants (PDAs), two-way paging devices and PCs.
The hypo-osmotic swelling test (HOS-test) was used to evaluate the functional integrity of the sperm membrane, and was performed by incubating 20 [micro]l of semen with 200 [micro] l of a 100 mOsm hypo-osmotic solution (9.