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MACHMachine Tool (course)
MACHMaster Agility Champion (dog agility title)
MACHMartin Army Community Hospital (Fort Benning, GA, USA)
MACHMultilayer Actuator Head
MACHMoncrief Army Community Hospital (Eastover, SC; US DoD)
MACHMachinable Letter (US Postal Service)
MACHMobile Access Command Headquarters (cellular emergency services)
MACHMobile Air Cargo Handling
MACHManagement of Aquatic Resources through Community Husbandry Project (Bangladesh)
MACHMicrosoft Academy for College Hires Program
MACHModel of Atmospheric Chemical Hazards
MACHMulti-Application Control by Honeywell (X-38 aircraft)
MACHModular, Adaptive, Computer, Hardware
MACHMaternal and Child Health (various locations)
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Kienle returned to work as a machinist, spending a dozen years manufacturing aerospace parts.
American Machinist's job is to provide information that empowers metalworking manufacturers to thrive in very challenging times," said Bob Rosenbaum, publishing director of American Machinist.
More than 4,200 workers, representing a range of employees including clerical, firefighters and aircraft mechanics, began voting before dawn at the offices of Georgia's Local 709 of the International Association of Machinists.
I would take this one step further; in most situations when hiring machinists, let's ignore technical skills all together.
I went from making $8,000 a month before 9-11 to $1,000 in a heartbeat,'' said Jayson Kramer, a 39-year-old Santa Clarita resident who'd been a contract machinist in the aerospace industry.
2 -- 3) Christian Bale lost 63 pounds for his role in ``The Machinist,'' above (reflected in mirror), then packed on weight in six weeks for the starring role in ``Batman Begins.
During this period of relearning the machinist gains experience that will help overcome repetitive problems.
WASHINGTON -- The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) District 142 today announced it has withdrawn from the maintenance Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) at Delta Air Lines' regional subsidiary Comair.
For ``The Machinist,'' though, it can't help but seem like too much commitment to a ``Twilight Zone'' concept that Rod Serling and many more have exploited.
The engineers can work in the shop at these stations and confer with machinists on process considerations.
NTMA is the leading organization representing contract manufacturers and job shops, while American Machinist is the only media brand dedicated exclusively to the owners of these same companies.
By the time the 16-week, state-funded, program ends in November, he hopes to land a job as a precision machinist.