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MACHMachine Tool (course)
MACHMaternal and Child Health (various locations)
MACHMultifaced Asymmetrical Configuration Hyper-Pixel
MACHMotion Accelerating Hyper-Pixel
MACHMultiple Advanced Computers for Hypersonics
MACHModified Air Combat Heroes (gaming)
MACHMaster Agility Champion (dog agility title)
MACHMartin Army Community Hospital (Fort Benning, GA, USA)
MACHMultilayer Actuator Head
MACHMoncrief Army Community Hospital (Eastover, SC; US DoD)
MACHMachinable Letter (US Postal Service)
MACHMobile Access Command Headquarters (cellular emergency services)
MACHMobile Air Cargo Handling
MACHManagement of Aquatic Resources through Community Husbandry Project (Bangladesh)
MACHMicrosoft Academy for College Hires Program
MACHModel of Atmospheric Chemical Hazards
MACHModular, Adaptive, Computer, Hardware
MACHMulti-Application Control by Honeywell (X-38 aircraft)
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I hope to develop myself as a journeyman machinist and learn more about the CNC machines and CAM programs that are used at the KAUST machine shops in order to master the craft," he said.
com), machinists no longer have to manually carry out the load, insert, merge and rationalize commands when assembling pre-existing parts.
and the other machinists smirk and laugh at him and mumble
The Machinists Union and our members have been through countless airline mergers.
It is not just cleaning oils off a machine that is difficult for a metal machinist, but also clearing every tiny metal fragment that may remain on a machine used to make metal parts.
continuing its tradition of innovation by introducing the stitching machinist course.
The machinist now must go through a period of relearning.
Penton Media manufacturing-group publisher Teri Mollison said in a statement that "over the past few months American Machinist has been very deliberate and discerning in crafting a new structure" for its team in editorial, marketing and sales functions.
The Machinist (Cert 15, 97 mins, Tartan Video, Thriller, also available to buy DVD pounds 15.
The tools discussed will be an infrared pyrometer, a machinist level and a 100-foot steel tape measure.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-26 July 2004-Danish machinist admits cover-up of oil spillage in the US - report(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The Haverfordwest-born star, due to appear as the caped crusader in 2005, shed more than four stone to play the lead in thriller The Machinist.