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MACROMediation And Conflict Resolution Office (state of Maryland)
MACROMonopole, Astrophysics and Cosmic Ray Observatory (National Laboratories of Gran Sasso; Abruzzo, Italy)
MACROMid America Council of Recycling Officials
MACROMalawi AIDS Counseling and Resource Organization (USAID)
MACROMulticenter Academic Clinical Research Organization (various locations)
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olloclip's high-powered Macro Pro Lens is engineered with advanced six-element optics to deliver edge-to-edge clarity with a greater depth of field.
Recent articles about the Dridex botnet and the Adnel and Tarbir malware have reported resurgence in malware embedded as macros within Microsoft Office Documents.
Macro looks forward to many more years of creating Macro Impact in partnership with ITN.
For more information on Macro Sensors in-stock LVDT linear position sensors, please refer to the web site and look for products identified with the “In Stock” icon or contact the factory at sales@macrosensors.
While the macro recorder is running, access the Page Setup dialog.
In addition to normal macro functions, like moving the mouse cursor or entering text or opening application windows, Macro Scheduler also offers embedded Visual Basic Script.
If you know Visual Basic, the macro software, you can write the script yourself, but it's a lot easier to let Excel do it for you.
Each macro can also have a variable playback speed, allowing it to be performed at the same speed it was recorded, or slower or faster.
In Boeing's Manufacturing R&D department, Sid Venkatesh has developed a macro for creating shims--fillers that are placed between a part and the machine tool fixture to fill the variance.
Thus, a hacker can put a macro virus into a Word ".
A macro placed in its own file will automatically have its cell and range specifications assigned to whatever file the macro is placed in.
Heinz of Indiana University in Bloomington, a physicist on the MACRO team.