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MADCAPSMothers and Daughters Club Assisting Philanthropies (est. 1960; San Diego, CA)
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The Laughing Madcaps Group is most famous for creating, and making available for free, the amazing Have You Got It Yet?
The founders of the Holset Madcaps - a group of charity walkers employed by the Turnbridge-based engineering firm - have trekked more than 1,200 miles since being formed in 1989.
The Madcaps have a long history of raising money for charities by accepting walking challenges.
The new bridge integration solution combines the capabilities of MadCap Flare and BigLever Gears to provide a single, unified mechanism for end-to-end document management across each stage of the product engineering lifecycle, and throughout business operations such as portfolio planning and definition, marketing, sales, manufacturing, deployment, service, and finely tailored documentation for end users.
MadCap has achieved acclaim from the March 2006 launch of its flagship content authoring product, MadCap Flare, designed to compete with Adobe's RoboHelp.
The Writers Block (TWB) and MadCap Software will work together to address the growing opportunity in the corporate information management and technical communications space.
I'm impressed with how seriously MadCap is taking localization," said Bass.
MadPak includes the newest versions of MadCap Software's multi-channel content authoring products, which are based on industry-standard native XML and support Unicode for easy translation to both single- and double-byte languages.
The product offerings are the newest innovations from MadCap Software, whose team includes the original creators of RoboHelp.
The newest product from MadCap is designed to support sales and marketing, technical support, eLearning, and Help systems.
StaffTechs has implemented MadCap Flare internally to address the growing demand to publish business information both on the Web and in print.
According to a recent WritersUA survey, MadCap Flare - on the market for only nine months - is already being used by more than 16 percent of the documentation professionals surveyed, outpacing some competitive software products that have been on the market for more than a decade.