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MADCAPSMothers and Daughters Club Assisting Philanthropies (est. 1960; San Diego, CA)
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Original Holset Madcaps Gerry Shepherd, Allan Worsley and Malcolm Heeley were joined by 12 friends and colleagues on a 35-mile sponsored walk across the North Yorkshire Moors.
The Madcaps have a long history of raising money for charities by accepting walking challenges.
In the second phase, MadCap will enable authors to natively create and edit DITA topics in Flare and Blaze, as well as MadCap X-Edit, MadCap's software family for creating short documents, contributing content to other documents, and reviewing content.
The new bridge integration solution combines the capabilities of MadCap Flare and BigLever Gears to provide a single, unified mechanism for end-to-end document management across each stage of the product engineering lifecycle, and throughout business operations such as portfolio planning and definition, marketing, sales, manufacturing, deployment, service, and finely tailored documentation for end users.
0, MadCap will cease producing MadCap Blaze, the XML-based alternative to Adobe FrameMaker for long print documents.
The Writers Block (TWB) and MadCap Software will work together to address the growing opportunity in the corporate information management and technical communications space.
Use MadCap Lingo with full translation memory support to translate content without requiring any file transfers-preserving both the content and formatting.
I'm impressed with how seriously MadCap is taking localization," said Bass.
MadPak includes the newest versions of MadCap Software's multi-channel content authoring products, which are based on industry-standard native XML and support Unicode for easy translation to both single- and double-byte languages.
0, MadCap Lingo adds a new Project Packager function that bridges the gap between authors and translators who use other TMS software.
The product offerings are the newest innovations from MadCap Software, whose team includes the original creators of RoboHelp.
The use of condition tags for images and movies will be enhanced further with the next releases of two products that are already tightly integrated with Mimic and Capture: MadCap Flare for multi-channel content authoring and MadCap Blaze for authoring long print documents.