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MAGICSMass Balance of Arctic Glaciers and Ice Sheets in Relation to Climate and Sea Level Changes
MAGICSMeteorological Applications Graphics Integrated Colour System
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Then Ozma took me over on her Magic Carpet, and the Nome King's Magic Belt took me home that time.
I'm sure I can't; and I'm sure Button-Bright can't; and the only magic the shaggy man has is the Love Magnet, which won't help us much.
Had you not lost your Magic Belt we might have some chance of defeating Ozma; but the Belt is gone.
One of my spies, who is a Blackbird, flew over the desert to the Land of Oz, and saw the Magic Belt in Ozma's palace," replied the King with a groan.
Why, you are not wearing your magic belt," replied the Chief Steward, after looking the King over carefully.
But the real usefulness of this magic power," I thought, "would be to undo some harm, some painful event, some accident--"
The next day there were very few ships in sight from our mast-heads - seven at most, perhaps, with a few more distant specks, hull down, beyond the magic ring of the horizon.
The Glass Cat was also a wonderful creature to little Ojo, who had never seen or known anything of magic before, although he had lived in the Fairyland of Oz ever since he was born.
It was Magic which sent the robin," said Mary secretly to Dickon afterward.
And now farewell, dear child; be faithful to yourself, and the magic flower will never fade.
Well, every day at four o'clock Ozma has promised to look at me in that picture, and if I am in need of help I am to make her a certain sign and she will put on the Nome King's Magic Belt and wish me to be with her in Oz.
Let us see some of your magic, that we may know if it be good magic.