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Employers may submit W-2s on magnetic media electronically.
Strength of PB magnets is limited because the key determinant of magnetic power is the volume content of magnetic material.
In the past decade, the data density for magnetic hard disk drives has increased at a phenomenal pace: doubling every 18 months and, since 1997, doubling every year, which is much faster than the vaunted Moore's Law for integrated circuits.
For example, no effects on melatonin or its major urinary metabolite, 6-hydroxymelatonin-sulfate (6-OHMS), were found in human exposure studies that varied such key magnetic field parameters as frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz), intensity [1-127.
Wherever electrical power is generated, carried or used, electrical and magnetic fields are also generated.
The 4180 unit, with its switchable single axis mode, allows users to display the vector components of the magnetic field.
In the sunspots, magnetic fields concentrate and unleash enormous amounts of energy.
Key words: chaotic scattering; escape time; Hamiltonian system; magnetic trap; symplectic integration; ultracold neutrons.
The result is a tape cartridge with vastly improved magnetic performance and enhanced durability to handle the demands of Quantum's SDLTtape 600 drive technology.
It is important, then, to look for innovative magnetic solutions that can optimize the yield of this low-cost and high-productivity technology prior to possibly further processing the material through more expensive cleaning or/and sorting processes.