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MAINMid-America Interconnected Network
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MAINManitoba Archival Information Network
MAINMilitarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism (causes of WW I)
MAINMatériaux, Interfaces et Nanostructures
MAINMaine Association of Independent Neighborhoods
MAINMetropolitan Area Interconnect Network (Sigma Networks)
MAINMilitary Authorization Identification Number
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The main building was called "the house," to distinguish it from the cottages.
Nevertheless, looking at the old warrior with affection -- for, slight as was the communication between us, my feeling towards him, like that of all bipeds and quadrupeds who knew him, might not improperly be termed so, -- I could discern the main points of his portrait.
The Terror of the Seas and the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main had more difficulty in getting to sleep.
From that point, all the main events of the story are purposely foreshadowed before they take place -- my present design being to rouse the reader's interest in following the train of circumstances by which these foreseen events are brought about.
Just before dark we reached the main body of troops shortly after they had made camp for the night.
On the 12th of July, Captain Bonneville abandoned the main stream of the Nebraska, which was continually shouldered by rugged promontories, and making a bend to the southwest, for a couple of days, part of the time over plains of loose sand, encamped on the
A ship was to be sent annually from New York to this main establishment with reinforcements and supplies, and with merchandise suited to the trade.
No, I had come to the main corridor, and still there was a breathing space between the surface of the water and the rocky ceiling above.
Thus we started up toward the main floor of the building.
Nalasu would give Jerry a series of instructions, such as, going on a scout by himself, to go to the nest, then circle about it widely, to continue to the other clearing where were the fruit trees, to cross the jungle to the main path, to proceed down the main path toward the village till he came to the great banyan tree, and then to return along the small path to Nalasu and Nalasu's house.
A hammock is slung to the rough raftered roof of the main room, as an extra bed.
We walked across the fringe of beach under the cocoanut-palms and into the little town, and found several hundred riotous seamen from all the world, drinking prodigiously, singing prodigiously, dancing prodigiously--and all on the main street to the scandal of a helpless handful of Japanese police.