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MAPSMicrosoft Action Pack Subscription
MAPSMultidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
MAPSMathematical and Physical Sciences (course)
MAPSMonitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship
MAPSMassachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers (Cambridge)
MAPSMail Abuse Protection System
MAPSModeling and Problem Solving
MAPSMadras Atomic Power Station (Kalpakkam, India)
MAPSMcGill Action Planning System (aka making action plans)
MAPSMail Abuse Prevention Systems
MAPSMaine Adoption Placement Service
MAPSMeasurement of Air Pollution from Satellites
MAPSModern American Poetry Site
MaPSMarketing and Planning Systems
MAPSMiddle Atlantic Planetarium Society
MAPSMonolithic Active Pixel Sensor
MAPSMeteorological & Aeronautical Presentation System
MAPSMiddleware Action Plan and Strategy (University of Queensland; Australia)
MAPSModular Azimuth Positioning System
MAPSMeasurement of Air Pollution from Space
MAPSManistee Area Public Schools (Michigan)
MAPSMemory Aiding Prompting System (computer science and cognitive science research project)
MAPSMichigan Automated Prescription System
MAPSMutual Active Protection System (armored fighting vehicle protection)
MAPSMission America Placement Service
MAPSMapping Application for Public Safety
MAPSManagement and Program Support
MAPSMobile Aerial Port Squadron
MAPSMCIS Administration and Provisioning Service (Microsoft)
MAPSMount Albert Public School
MAPSMedical Advanced Pain Specialist
MAPSMy Angus Please Stay (Yeah Yeah Yeahs song)
MAPSMunitions Assessment and Processing System
MAPSMississippi Association for Psychology in the Schools
MAPSMonitoring Academic Progress System (Maricopa County, AZ community college system)
MAPSManpower Analysis and Prediction System
MAPSMobility Analysis & Planning System (MTMC)
MAPSMaster of Arts in Philippine Studies (DLSU-Manila)
MAPSMultiple Address Processing System
MAPSMaster Achiever Pioneer Star (American Meat Institute environmental program)
MAPSMaster of Arts in Physical Science (West Chester University, Pennsylvania)
MAPSManual of ADP Policies and Procedures
MAPSManufacturing, Accounting and Planning System
MAPSMaintainability Analysis and Prediction System
MAPSMicromirror Array Projector System
MAPSMagnetometer Pointing System
MaPSMember Association of Planning Supervisors (UK)
MAPSManual of Administrative Procedures and Standards
MAPSMaintenance Administrative Position System
MAPSMedium Access Priority Selection
MAPSMetro Area Paratransit System (Joplin, MO)
MAPSManned Aircraft Planning System
MAPSMateriel Accounts Payable System
MAPSMobilization Asset Planning System
MAPSMaterial Acquisition Processing System
MAPSMultivendor ATM Provisioning System (Sprint)
MAPSMobile Application Provisioning System
MAPSMeteoritics and Planetary Science (journal; Meteoritical Society)
MAPSMammograms and Pap Smears
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And now that I have shown you the map, and explained how valuable it is, I will put it away again.
At a point I shall indicate after a further consultation of the map.
Yes," agreed Professor Bumper, "I will consult the map, and start the diggers where I think the city lies, far below the surface.
He stood with a map on Mercator's projection before him, swaying to the swinging of the ship and talking of guns and tonnage, of ships and their build and powers and speed, of strategic points, and bases of operation.
Bert stood by, saying very little, but watching Kurt's finger on the map.
You shall see the original map and writing when we reach Durban," I answered, somewhat mollified, for really when I came to consider the question it was scarcely wonderful that he should doubt my good faith.
The map may be all right enough," said one of the party, "if you know whereabouts in it we are now.
They did know where they were, and the map was once more consulted, and the thing seemed simpler than ever, and off they started for the third time.
Every time he had nearly succeeded in catching sight of him, either the Vice-Warden or his wife was sure to get in the way, pointing out some new place on the map, and deafening him with some new name.
I will do so," said Prince Andrew, moving away from the map.
When I showed Ja our map and explained its purpose to him, he was much interested.
His additions to the map convinced us that Green-wich lay upon the verge of this same sea, and that it might be reached by water more easily than by the arduous crossing of the mountains or the dangerous ap-proach through Phutra, which lay almost directly in line between Anoroc and Greenwich to the northwest.