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MRGLMetabolic Rate for Glucose
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Assuming that marginal cost follows an AR(1) with persistence [delta] such that the product of [delta] and the roots of the lead polynomials in equation (18) are less than one, |[delta][[lambda].
The marginal rates are applied after various deductions and allowances.
Second, the return on any factor of production is its marginal product, or the increment to output from an extra unit of that factor being added, holding the amount of all other production factors constant.
For example, in Missouri the marginal state income tax rate is 6% for most taxpaying residents.
The use of a proton pump inhibitor after the surgery was associated with a 68% reduction in the relative risk of marginal ulceration.
In the "short" tax year 2001, two "had no net liability for income tax" and 11 only paid tax at the marginal rate of 20 per cent.
The Legislature established the marginal category in 1983 to cover property erroneously zoned for exclusive farm or forest uses.
While the market-determined product price for a ppt equals marginal revenue regardless of quantity sold (because the firm can sell as much as it chooses at that price), the market-determined wage for a rpt equals marginal labor cost regardless of amount of labor hired (because the firm can hire as much labor as it chooses at that wage).
Most were rated marginal or poor and the new Citroen C4, Renault Megane CC, Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Golf were considered to be unacceptable.
Off-roaders: The smallest models performed poorly with the Nissan Xtrail being the only one to achieve even a marginal rating.
overcome marginal support for records management in agencies
The superficial part of the gland is intimately related to the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve.