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MJMichael Jackson (entertainer)
MJMichael Jordan
MJMagic Johnson
MJMary-Jane (slang for marijuana)
MJMary Jane (Watson/Watson-Parker; Spiderman character)
MJMick Jagger (Rolling Stones member)
MJMinisterio da Justica (Brazil)
MJMah-Jong (game)
MJMechanical Joint
MJMichael Johnson (Olympic sprinter)
MJMonster Jam
MJMilitary Justice
MJMethyl Jasmonate
MJMilitary Judge
MJMara Jade (Star Wars character)
MJMark Joyner (internet marketing)
MJModular Jack
MJMunicipal Journal
MJMango Juice
MJMaître du Jeu (French: Game Master)
MJMaster Jack (slang for Master Corporal, Canadian Forces)
MJMaster of Jurisprudence
MJMilitary Jurisdiction
MJMerge Join
MJMark Jindrak (wrestler)
MJMaster in Journalism
MJMadame Josephine (Australia)
MJManitoba Judgments
MJMinisterul Justiþiei (Romania)
MJMale Joint (decision makers)
MJMucho Joviality
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MedMen is really stepping up here, and we hope other members of the marijuana industry will join them," said MPP co-founder and executive director Rob Kampia.
Additionally, marijuana businesses owe excise taxes (25 percent) with payment due to the Liquor Control Board (LCB) on marijuana sales revenue.
Harder Stuff: Credit Union Moves From Beer to Marijuana : Times have changed for the $195M O Bee Credit Union of Olympia, Wash.
Florida voters, on the other hand, voted against the legalisation of marijuana.
As it stands federally, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug under the DEA's scheduling list.
Given Amendment 64, can a property owner still prohibit residents from using marijuana on leased property?
Nearly thirty states allow marijuana for medical purposes and two states allow marijuana for adult recreational use; furthermore, handfuls of other states have pro-marijuana legislation initiatives underway.
Additionally, we know that a new marijuana industry similar to Big Thbacco has emerged.
The federal priorities include keeping marijuana out of the hands of children, ensuring that commerce in marijuana doesn't enrich gangs or cartels, stopping the flow of marijuana from states where it is legal to states where it is not, keeping legal marijuana from being used as a cover for trade in other drugs, prohibiting driving under the influence of drugs, preventing the use of violence or firearms in marijuana-growing operations, closing federal lands to marijuana cultivation and prohibiting marijuana possession or use on federal property.
Montana lawmakers specifically added medical marijuana to their statewide clean indoor air act in 2011.
However, using marijuana as medicine does not make it medicine.
Marijuana has been used in numerous cultures for thousands of years without a fatality, in every continent, including many Native American tribes (Cohen, 2009; Parloff, 2009; Walker & Huang, 2002; Welch & Martin, 2003).