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MATERMass Transfer and Ecosystem Response (study)
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The opinion issued by the Tokyo District Court censured the then Health and Welfare Ministry for ignoring a report from the United States in 1987 on CJD contracted from transplants of infected human dura mater.
This latest Stabat Mater is a poignant and touching affair that I recommend highly.
The move is seen as a response to complaints by lawyers representing a group of CJD patients that the ministry delayed issuing a recall for dura mater -- the fibrous membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord -- despite knowing for years of a link between dura mater and CJD.
I developed it the hard way - on my own," Mater says of the expertise that has earned her this international reputation.
We've always been on the cutting edge of the timber industry, if you'll forgive the pun," says Jean Mater.
Mater Olbia Hospital will offer a wide range of services including cardiovascular, neurological, orthopaedic and paediatric specialities, as well as a rehabilitation centre.
The Mater is one of 25 Catholic-run hospitals named in the contentious law where terminations can be performed if the woman's life is in danger.
Harvard-Westlake (21-8) kept it close for about 10 minutes -- helped by an early spell of cold-shooting for the Monarchs -- but Mater Dei (29-0) soon went on a 16-2run.
The OH&S Coordinator at the Mater, Adelle Le Cussan, commended the staff at the hospital for their continued hard work in OH&S.
During this period, 97 cadaveric dura mater graft-associated CJD cases were identified.
Pharr, Measurement of mechanical properties by ultra-low load indentation, Mater.
The German company said in the statement it disagrees with several key points in the opinions, particularly on whether it was foreseeable that dura mater could transmit the disease.