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MATHSMaryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences (public charter school; Baltimore, MD)
MATHSMathematical Anti-Telharsic Harfatum Septomin
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Sara was one of many who enjoyed Maths in the Malls at the Metrocentre recently, along with 600 students from 14 different schools across the North East.
The week began with the children making their own maths hats, which showed all the mathematical knowledge they would gain over the week.
Pupils engaged in different problem solving activities from maths trails around the school, puzzles, measuringand making 3D shapes.
JUST 345 secured an A1 grade in honours maths, while 255 students failed the higher-level exam OF 33,916 who took ordinary-level maths 1% got an A1 - down from 4.
The report suggests that the level of maths required by universities to study sciencebased courses is not demanding enough, and is deterring people from taking the subject at A-level.
And it wants to challenge a mindset which views poor maths skills as a "badge of honour".
I feel too often maths lessons are 'do 20 questions from the book' or 'find the algebra for this pattern 2, 5, 8, 11.
In class, the children enjoyed investigations and problem solving that combined maths and art.
Singapore has shot up the international league tables in recent years thanks to a new approach to the teaching of maths, which sees schools using technology including MSN, Facebook and Twitter.
As the session progressed, a sense of confidence was evident among the hundreds of children present who seemed to realise that maths could indeed be fun.
Inspectors noted that "for many pupils, maths consists of a regular diet of broadly satisfactory lessons.
Fifteen-year-old Lorna is responsible for a quarter of her school's total of 2,000 tokens in the Sunday Mirror/ McVitie's Free Maths Stuff For Schools enterprise.