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MAVINMultiple-Angle, Variable-Interval, Nonorthogonal
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The mixed-race experience is larger than the Black and White relationships that are most often explored, says Eric Hamako, a doctoral candidate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a MAVIN board member.
As some of the larger new organizations like the Mavin Foundation, Hapa Issues Forum, and Swirl begin to forge connections, a national multiracial movement that moves beyond the personal to the political is lust beginning to emerge.
Mavin is one of about five publications with an interracial focus, says Samir Husni, a journalism professor and head of the magazine program at the University of Mississippi.
Bates Cottages' batsman Joe Mavin smashes a six on his way to making 103 against Blue Flames in the |Northumberland Cricket League's Premier Division.
Middle order batsman Mavin smashed 11 boundaries in his 92-ball innings of 79.
Bates Cottages hope that a couple of fractures won't end in broken Northumberland League title dreams as they seek to cope with the enforced absences of Paul Baston and Joe Mavin.
At Hartlepool Power Station A, Norton were 48-6 (Trevor Mavin 4-27) when the rain hit.
Mavin Khoo, who was seen recently in Birmingham at Artsfest, has developed an exotic touring programme in which he combines, in a unique kind of way, facets of Asian dance with classical ballet forms.
From the producers of the comedy smash "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" comes the Revolution Studios/Columbia Pictures comedy "The Animal," about small, wimpy Mavin (Schneider), who doesn't have what it takes to fulfill his lifelong dream to be a cop.
Chairman of the bench, Mavin Johnson, agreed that Hughes would remain in custody and told the defendant he would appear at Newcastle Crown Court on January 14.
Man of the Match: Nathan Booth Boro: Boyce, Learwood, O''Donnell, Elcoate, Wade, Burridge, Mavin, Nightingale, Booth, Mughal, McPhillips, Osborn, Rowling, Norton
A large crowd in Centenary Square got a taste of Mavin Khoo's new dance company at ArtsFest last Saturday night, but the occasion was blemished by problems with the sound system.