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MAXCinemax (premium cable channel)
MAXMaxwell AFB (Montgomery, AL)
MAXMetropolitan Area Express (Portland, Oregon)
MAXMen's Associated Exchange (San Francisco, CA)
MAXMechanized Assault and Exploration (game)
MAXMedicaid Analytic Extract
MAXMicrowave Anisotropy Experiment (NASA)
MAXMassively Parallel Unix
MAXMedia Access Exchange
MAXMAT Express System
MAXManufacturers Assistance Exchange (Salem, Oregon)
MAXMain Area Exchange (telephony)
MAXMailer's Address Quality Support System (USPS)
MAXModeling and Assessment Executive
MAXMeasurement and Automation Explorer
MAXManaged Agent Explorer (software)
MAXMobile Application Xpert (various organizations)
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He wore a flannel collar of unfamiliar shape, and his clothes, although they were neat enough, were of a pattern and cut obviously designed to afford the maximum of ease and comfort with the minimum regard to appearance.
Sir Henry's yellow locks were now almost upon his shoulders, and he looked more like an ancient Dane than ever, while my grizzled scrub was fully an inch long, instead of half an inch, which in a general way I considered my maximum length.
He spent his evenings poring over accounts, or making endless calculations based on cheaper freights for copra and on the possible maximum and minimum market prices for that staple of commerce.
Her territory had been saturated with population; that is to say, her territory, with the primitive method of production, had supported the maximum limit of population.
Garlic (China) minimum Rs 15400 and maximum Rs 16000, Garlic (local) minimum Rs 14000 and maximum Rs 14600, Ladyfinger minimum Rs 3300 and maximum Rs 3500, Onion minimum Rs 5700 and maximum Rs 5900, Peas minium Rs 12700 and maximum Rs 13200, Potato Fresh minium Rs 3200 and maximum Rs 3400, Tomato minimum Rs 7200 and maximum Rs 7400.
Apple Kala Kulu (Mandi) minimum Rs 8000 and maximum Rs 8300, Dates (Aseel) minimum Rs 15600 and maximum Rs 16200, Guava minimum Rs 4800 and maximum Rs 4800, Banana (Dozen) minimum Rs 48 and maximum Rs 62.
Quantity subsequent contract estimated at least 100 kg - 200 kg maximum
TOMORROW: Heavy rain but some sun - maximum temperature 10C; temperature 3C.
com Contact: Mitch Shaffer or Elmus Corley 5 rigs offering over 100,000-lbs, pullback Maximum Pipe Diameter: 42 in.
Family summer holiday up to a maximum of pounds 1,500
Although this would assure a fast movement, it would involve less than maximum motor unit involvement.
Both the staff of the water board and the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts have recommended that the chloride standard be set at a maximum of 143 milligrams per liter.
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