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MSLMars Science Laboratory
MSLMean Sea Level
MSLMedical Science Liaison
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MSLMaximum Segment Lifetime
MSLMartha Stewart Living
MSLMicrogravity Science Laboratory
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MSLMirrored Server Link
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MSLMajor Soccer League
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MSLMouvement Social Libanais (French)
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MSLMercy School of Law (University of Detroit)
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MSLMinimum Spending Level
MSLMid Stage Loss (insertion loss between two stages of an optical amplifier)
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MSLMedical Staff Line (software from Healthline Systems)
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MSLMicrostereo Lithography
MSLManaged Service Leads
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Measles is caused by a very infectious virus and can make you have a high temperature and a rash.
Binay will file a resolution next week calling for a full review of the government's immunisation programmes, which she noted failed to achieve a "zero" measles record in 2008, or 10 years after the Philippine government committed itself in 1998 to undertake mass measles vaccination targeting children in the nine months to 15-years-old age-group.
Measles is a viral infection most commonly found in young children who have not been immunised.
The outbreak was started by a visitor to the church who had recently traveled to a country where measles remains common, according to Tarrant County Public Health spokesman Al Roy.
During the outbreak, children with measles who needed admission were stabilised and admitted to the 'short stay ward', from which they were either discharged home, transferred to another hospital (mild disease), or admitted to the medical wards or Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at RXH (severe disease or other significant co-morbid disease).
The number of cases of measles reported in the United States last year was higher than any year since 1996 -- an increase the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention attributes primarily to an increase in the importation of the disease from other countries and the vulnerability of susceptible, unimmunized people in the community.
In the UK, complications are quite common even in healthy people and approximately 20% of reported measles cases experience some complications and this is why doctors urge people to have the vaccine.
Figures released by the Health Protection Agency reveal 334 confirmed cases of measles up to the end of April in England and Wales.
To investigate who long maternal antibodies to measles were present in infants, researchers conducted a prospective study involving 207 healthy women-infant pairs recruited from hospitals in Antwerp from April 2006 to November 2008.
Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children globally, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine.
will visit 12 measles hotspots including Leeds and Manchester to give parents the opportunity to talk to health professionals and get the facts on measles and other childhood illnesses including the most effective way to prevent them.
Some sufferers have even been known to develop a progressive and fatal brain infection known as subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, which may not develop until years after the bout of measles.