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began almost two years ago to implement mechanized long-hole stoping as the
Having completed this infrastructure simplifies all of our expansion projects because now as each unit is completed or as each of the remaining Jockey Clubs are fully mechanized, the facility can immediately go on line with the data house in Porto Alegre.
Carrousel System--One automated mechanized ladle system, which has been in use for over a decade, uses a carrousel to synchronize pouring with a continuously moving molding line.
It holds tremendous long-term potential to enable growers to integrate data they collect from yield monitoring and mapping equipment to control mechanized pivots, linears and corner arms with more precision than ever before," said Haget, adding Valmont has applied for a patent on the technology.
We are continually improving our product line and manufacturing techniques to ensure we provide our customers with superior quality mechanized irrigation equipment and unmatched world-class service.
Mechanized mowing and clearing of scrub roadsides, ditches and embankments on roads managed by the Provincial Government of Gerona, 2015.
Place of performance: the fuel supply stations for charge cards for mechanized park department of Corse-du-Sud will be able to perform in all outlets of the distribution of market incumbents network the national territory.
Contract notice: Contract 86/2014 reliance service digitization and indexing of historical data sheets contained in the archive mechanized called densimatic site at the headquarters in via larga 12.
Contract notice: Care and hygiene, mechanized equipment and associated equipment and related services.
Clearing the glades mechanized 110 kV production department (hereinafter - software) Vologda electrical networks Sokolsky RES branch of JSC "MRSC of North-West" - "Vologdaenergo" in the amount of 267.
Benefits the public spaces of the town of Bry-sur-Marne is to - Operations to street cleaning, highways, parking lots, pedestrian walkways and green spaces,- Manual cleaning accompanied by mechanized sweeping sidewalks, gutters and pavement edges, some areas of the city,- Mechanized and manual cleaning of pavements, gutters and sidewalks in some areas of the city,- High pressure cleaning of some areas.
Contract notice: Waste collection and transportation to" Regional landfill for municipal Sozopol, Primorsko and Tsarevo "and mechanized washing, mechanical and manual sweeping areas for public use in all settlements, settlement formations regulated areas outside the settlements of the municipality of Sozopol
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