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MEDMaster of Education
MEDMinistry of Economic Development
MEDMediterranean Region
MedMedian (linguistics)
MEDMediterranean Sea
MEDMiddle English Dictionary
MEDMale Erectile Dysfunction
MEDMinimum Effective Dose
MEDMarine Equipment Directive (EU; also seen as MarED)
MEDMise en Demeure (French legal term for registered letter demanding payment of a debt or other corrective measures)
MEDMarine Emergency Duties (Canada)
MEDMultiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia
MEDMinimal Effective Dose
MEDMultiple Exit Discriminator (BGP)
MEDManhattan Engineer District (Manhattan Project)
MEDMicro-Enterprise Development
MEDMid-continent Ecology Division (US EPA)
MEDMinimal Erythemal Dose
MEDMulti Effect Distillation (desalination units)
MEDMystery of Edwin Drood (musical)
MEDMobile and Embedded Devices (Microsoft)
MEDManufacturing Engineering Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
MEDMean Effective Dose
MEDMain Entry Door (aircraft cabin)
MEDMarine Engine Driver
MEDMinimum Euclidean Distance
MEDMobile Emergency Department
MEDMedinah, Saudi Arabia - Madinah-Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz (Airport Code)
MEDMolecular Electronic Device
MEDMaison de l'Economie Développement
MEDMedian Edge Detector
MEDManipulative Electronic Deception
MEDMultiple Element Damage
MEDMad Elk Disease
MEDMedical Electronics and Device Technology Center (Taiwan, ROC; part of Industrial Technology Research Institute)
MEDMulti-Expansion Descriptor (Cisco)
MEDMultiplexer Entry Descriptor
MEDMomentum Exchange Device
MEDMessage Element Dictionary
MEDMaintenance Electrical Department
MEDMaritime Exercise Directive
MEDMaintenance Engineering Directive
MEDMobile Energy Depot
MEDMicrowave Evaporation and Drying
MEDMinority Enterprise Development
MEDMiddle Eastern Dance
MEDMiddle East Department (Interntational Monetary Fund)
MEDMedical Payments
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The median price of an existing, single-family detached home in California during January 2007 was $559,640, a 1.
When comparing apartment prices to last year, overall median sales prices are up.
The median for couple families in Oshawa reached $83,100 in 2004, up 1.
Senior-level editor -- $52,955 mean, $49,,000 median
Table 2 shows the median salary, and Table 3 shows the total compensation for selected positions of a public firm in the survey's median sales volume ($27 million-$54 million) broken down by region.
Respondents in the corrugated sector reported the highest median income for 2002--$115,000, which is $9250 over the overall median income shown in Fig.
In medical malpractice, the median award in 2000 grew to $1 million, from $700,000 in 1999.
7% * LIFE EXPECTANCY: 67 years * LANGUAGE: Spanish * TELEPHONE COUNTRY CODE: 505 * TELEPHONE CITY CODE: Managua: 2 * CURRENCY: US$1 = 11,69 Cordobas (As of May 21, 1999) * JANUARY MEDIAN TEMPERATURE: Managua: 26.
For each materiality base, company A's cumulative effect exceeds the median level for the modified report group.
The national median price for the third quarter was $111,000, which was 2.
In 1992, 21 percent of the white applicants who applied for conventional home purchase loans had incomes that were less than 80 percent of the median family income for their MSA (data not shown in tables).
Typical events that will cause the median to move out of control include errant cooling-water temperature or regrind percentage.