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MEDDINGMeditating (EQ gaming reference)
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Like Kant, who was unable to collect his thoughts after the fir-tree at which he was accustomed to gaze while meditating was cut down, so the poor abbe could never attain the ardor of his former prayers while walking up and down the shadeless paths.
OLD Lady Lydiard sat meditating by the fireside, with three letters lying open on her lap.
It was now the middle of May, and the morning was remarkably serene, when Mr Allworthy walked forth on the terrace, where the dawn opened every minute that lovely prospect we have before described to his eye; and now having sent forth streams of light, which ascended the blue firmament before him, as harbingers preceding his pomp, in the full blaze of his majesty rose the sun, than which one object alone in this lower creation could be more glorious, and that Mr Allworthy himself presented--a human being replete with benevolence, meditating in what manner he might render himself most acceptable to his Creator, by doing most good to his creatures.
The purport of the meditating was: 'Here is an instrument.
Kirsty will spend a day or two filming at the retreat and then she'll have a go at meditating.
Another way of meditating on death is to follow the example of great mystics, such as Ramakrishna, who sometimes chose to meditate at night in a cremation ground.
Forty-one percent of the meditating students showed a gain of at least one performance level in math compared to 15.
An estimated 2 million people in countries all over the world meditating for global peace and love at the same time - 9:35 a.
We expected rather small and distinct effects located in some of the regions that had previously been associated with meditating," he said.
On all but the nastiest mornings, I carry out a basket of books, notebooks, and candles and sit for an hour or two breakfasting, reading, writing, thinking, meditating, praying, and occasionally talking on the phone to a soul-pal.
London, Aug 18 ( ANI ): Russell Brand seems to be concentrating on his more spiritual side, as he was spotted meditating at a Hare Krishna temple.
According to the study authors, the research showed a 25% difference in graduation rates when considering only the low-performing students in both meditating and non-meditating students.