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MBITMore (Data) Bit
MBITMiddle Bucks Institute of Technology (Jamison, Pennsylvania)
MBITMotorola Built in Test (diagnostic software user's manual)
MBITMaintenance Built-In Test
MBITMaster of Building Technology and Innovation (Kasetsart University, Thailand)
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Elpida's 512 Megabit XDR DRAM (Part number: EDX5116ABSE) devices are organized as 4M words x 16-bits x 8 banks and with 2.
An intensive training camp for U S WEST Strategic Agent sales and support staff on MegaBit Services from U S WEST.
MegaBit Select uses unique "modem-pooling" technology to let users access a pool of modem ports to get online, and provides users access at 256 kbps of DSL-powered Internet speed.
While healthcare systems are finding individualized solutions to networking bottlenecks, one trend does seem to hold: Many are upgrading to 100 megabit Ethernet (or other 100-megabit technology) on servers.
In late August, one U S WEST MegaBit Services Speed Challenge sweepstakes entrant will win a trip for two to cheer for Greene at the Olympic Games in Sydney.
U S WEST MegaBit Services DSL offering allows customers to connect to the Internet at a speed nine times faster than a traditional 28.
DSL-on-demand' is perfect for the majority of home Internet users -- people who are on the Internet a couple of hours a day, and who don't require the 'always-on' connection that standard MegaBit Services provides.
U S WEST has topped a seven-percent penetration rate in the addressable market of online customers where MegaBit Services is available.
In markets where Verizon has offered its FiOS Internet-over-fiber service, which can deliver broadband speeds at up to 30 megabits, the average penetration rate is 14% - a record takeup rate for a Verizon product.