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MEMMinisterio de Energia y Minas (Guatemala)
MEMMinimum Essential Medium (culture medium)
MEMMinimal Essential Medium (culture medium)
MEMModified Eagle's Medium (culture media)
MEMMaster of Engineering Management
MEMMaximum Entropy Method
MEMMain Event Mafia (wrestling)
MEMMinistry of Energy and Mines
MEMMinistère de l'Énergie et des Mines (French: Ministry of Energy and Mines; various locations)
MEMMajor Emergency Management (offshore oil & gas industry)
MEMMining Environmental Management
MEMMonocular Estimate Method (ophthalmology)
MEMMars Excursion Module
MEMMemphis, TN, USA - Memphis International Airport (Airport Code)
MEMMinimum Endogenous Mortality
MEMMain Electronics Module
MEMMarine Engineering Mechanic (Royal Navy UK)
MEMMeasurement Error Model
MEMMellors Elliot Motorsport
MEMModal Emission Model
MEMMechanical Electrical Maintenance
MEMMcAfee Enterprise Management
MEMModel Exercise Model
MEMMusica ExperiMente Ensemble (Contemporary Music Ensemble: Italy)
MEMMarket Equipment Management
MEMMarine Equity Model
MEMMultiple-Entry Memory (software framework)
MEMMature Equivalent of Milk
MEMMove Entity Manager (USAF)
MEMMunition Effectiveness Manual
MEMMaximum Energy Management
MEMMedical Electronics Manufacturing (magazine)
MEMMatjaz Eric Maj (Mem Couture; fashion brand)
MEMMajor Economies Meeting
MEMMultilateral Evaluation Mechanism (drug trafficking)
MEMMaster of Environmental Management (various universities)
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Within the specific sphere of Beatles memorabilia it is certain types of memorabilia - written material, signatures, lyrics, stage clothing, concert posters and personal items which are rising most steadily in value.
Christopher Hayes, the firm's sports memorabilia specialist, said: "It's becoming increasingly popular for investors to purchase sporting goods at auction for investment purposes, rather than [accept] the current interest rate.
NASCAR memorabilia has autographed race car parts from noteworthy drivers.
Other memorabilia sold included sparkle-encrusted shoes and socks, portraits of Charlie Chaplin drawn by Jackson as a child, an autographed shirt, a 1985 Mercedes, handwritten letters, and posters.
Mike 'Stevo' Stephenson, RLHC director and Sky Sports Rugby League commentator, said his museum would be delighted to receive Dougie's memorabilia.
The deal, says the company, gives the clearest indication yet that the thriving UK memorabilia industry is set to follow the well-developed US model.
6 -- 8 -- color) Chris Carter, above, under a poster of ``Mayor of the Sunset Strip,'' which he produced, and on the cover playing the bass, keeps a substantial music memorabilia collection in his converted Sherman Oaks garage.
Although these groups are the cream of the crop, the memorabilia of every artist and group has a value.
In addition to books and manuscripts, the Swann also receives a good amount of art and other memorabilia.
Today, black memorabilia is a multimillion-dollar industry.
There was a time when you could've typed in the letters "n-i-g-g-e-r" on eBay's search engine and pulled up "Tragic Mulatto" books, "Coon" ashtrays, "Sambo" or "Jigger" masks, "Picaninny" toys, "Uncle Tom" matchbooks, and tons of other so-called black memorabilia items.
EXPERTS have today revealed that there is now a potential pounds 75million worth of undiscovered football memorabilia gathering dust in British homes.