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MNUMenu (Fine Name Extension)
MNUMidAmerica Nazarene University (Christian liberal arts university)
MNUMovimento Negro Unificado (Portuguese: Unified Black Movement; Brazil)
MNUMultinational United
MNUManitoba Nurses Union (Canadian Union)
MNUMovement for National Unity (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
MNUMaiden Name Unknown (genealogy)
MNUMaji Na Ufanisi (Kenya)
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The gracious spirit of spring pervaded the entire menu.
Among the most important trends facing the industry are those associated with healthful eating choices, sustainability and the environment, cultural change and its influence on cuisine innovation, and matching consumers' menu choice decision making with successful menu promotion strategies.
I laughed when one of my clients referred to me as 'The Menu Whisperer'.
Our enthusiastic waiter was helpful in suggesting both items on the menu and wines that went with them - a glass of Twenty Rows Cabernet Sauvignon ($10) from the Napa Valley, for example, which wasn't daunted by the ribs.
The central portion of the opening screen consists of district news announcements with few Web links, whereas the main menu is relegated to the left-hand portion of the page.
To make a totally new, customized toolbar, click on Customize at the bottom of the menu and another menu pops up (exhibit 2, at right), with a New button in the upper right corner.
But for now, this works only if you type in Google Chrome "show me the menu for [restaurant]" as "menu [restaurant]" seems not to be working now.
Previously, users of MustHaveMenus' menu management service designed a menu online, then downloaded a PDF for home or local printing.
The "Responsive Menu" feature now fully supports: Joomla menus, WordPress menus, CSS menus, "UL/LI" populated menus.
Rather than presenting a blackboard featuring its daily fresh fish selection and array of dishes, it smartly presents them on a long sheet menu headed by today's date with a convenient listing of its available wines overleaf.
The site is an effective gateway to the more than 100 schools in the large district, and the "QuickLinks" pull-down menu provides overview information for each school and easy access to their Web sites.
Some people like the abbreviated menu because they need only a few functions.