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MNUMenu (Fine Name Extension)
MNUMidAmerica Nazarene University (Christian liberal arts university)
MNUMenu Resource File
MNUMovimento Negro Unificado (Portuguese: Unified Black Movement; Brazil)
MNUMultinational United
MNUManitoba Nurses Union (Canadian Union)
MNUMovement for National Unity (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
MNUMaiden Name Unknown (genealogy)
MNUMaji Na Ufanisi (Kenya)
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The next day Sarah showed Schulenberg a neat card on which the menu was beautifully typewritten with the viands temptingly marshalled under their right and proper heads from "hors d'oeuvre" to "not responsible for overcoats and umbrellas.
She had no work to do except Schulenberg's menu cards.
Generally in an hour and a half the twenty-one menu cards were written and ready.
The gracious spirit of spring pervaded the entire menu.
Sabin looked for, a moment at the drawing on the back of the menu card, and up at Felix.
Caught in the pinch with a part sack of rice and a few pounds of dried apricots, rice and apricots was his menu three times a day for five days hand-running.
Fentolin continued, as he took up the menu and criticised it through his horn-rimmed eyeglass, "that is what I have been, without a doubt.
She scolded the gardener, decreed the menu at breakfast and dinner, and went from cellar to garret, and from garret to cellar, setting everything to rights according to her notions, without a word of opposition of any sort or description.
Fruits, berries, and tender plantain found a place upon his menu in the order that he happened upon them, for he did not seek such foods.
Seven hundred a year is a fine thing for a younger brother; and as of course he will still live at home, it will be all for his menus plaisirs; and a sermon at Christmas and Easter, I suppose, will be the sum total of sacrifice.
You would look rather blank, Henry, if your menus plaisirs were to be limited to seven hundred a year.
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