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MercMercedes Benz
MERCMercenary (gaming, Flyff)
MERCMaharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (India)
MERCMercury Dime (issued 1916 to 1945)
MERCMichigan Employment Relations Commission
MercMercian (linguistics)
MERCMetropolitan Exposition-Recreation Commission
MERCMercer Engineering Research Center
MERCMandatory Employment Related Costs (Canada)
MERCMedical Equipment Repair Center
MERCNational Centre for Research in Music Education and Sound Arts (University of Canterbury; New Zealand)
MERCMorgantown Energy Research Center (US Department of Energy)
MERCMobile Emissions Reduction Credit
MERCMarine Environment Research Center
MERCMalaysian Economic Research Corporation
MERCMobility Enhancing Ration Components
MERCMarine Extension and Research Center
MERCMinority Economic Resources Corporation
MERCMerged Emergency Response Center (US Air Force)
MERCMiddle East Regulatory Conference
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And more than that; I promise to have no secrets from you, Pa, and you may make certain that, whatever mercenary things go on, I shall always tell you all about them in strict confidence.
Perhaps if it was, your little mercenary wretch of a daughter wouldn't make so free with it
The resulting tension between the two necessitated discussion of the nature of mercenary activity.
The author traveled to Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Lebanon, the Congo, Angola, and elsewhere in order to give the reader insight into who takes on the role of the mercenary in contemporary times and their role in the world's conflicts.
While she does not offer a ringing endorsement of the mercenary trade, she does regard the norm as "puritanical," as this point of view may be compelling the international community to disregard certain advantages that only mercenary services may offer.
36) Regardless of their pedigree, existing mercenary laws written during the Cold War did not anticipate the modern PMF.
Foreign mercenary troops of this sort, for mercenary is what they are by definition, are perfect for foreign military adventures and empire building.
7) at the same site took Gundersen's side and posted this parody: "'Mercenaries 2: World in Flames,' created by Tehran-based Pandemic/Bioware Studies, simulates a mercenary invasion of New York City in the year 2007.
Rosen explains how organizations like Executive Outcome changed the mercenary business.
Whether an athlete is a migrant or mercenary is a topic of endless debate.
Part I provides context for this proposal, first by describing how a combination of geopolitical, economic, and legal influences has caused an expansion of mercenary activity since the end of the Cold War.
Article 47 of Additional Protocol I (dealing with international conflict) states that a mercenary shall not have the right to be a combatant or to prisoner of war status; such a person is therefore just a common criminal under the national law of the country in which they are caught.