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MERGERMigration and Ethnic Relations Group for European Research (newsletter)
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A statutory merger or consolidation was historically limited to transactions effected pursuant to the corporate laws of the U.
The merger agreement provides for a $29 cap on the implied per share consideration for each share of FNIS common stock.
Although a merger involves a combination of two or more entities, they are rarely equal participants.
Every merger comes with a "sound bite" justification.
FleetBoston Financial Group's merger prowess was profiled in the January/February issue of Financial Executive.
These figures add statistical fuel to merger skeptics.
The effects of the present merger wave on concentration have yet to be determined, but there is little reason to expect their influence will differ substantially from the merger wave of the early 1980s, which produced at most a slight increase in manufacturing concentration.
Health executives have been warned to avoid entering into a merger agreement where the potential partner in operational and fiscal terms has experienced historically much weaker performance.
In some States, however, the courts have allowed the surviving corporation in a merger to use the pre-merger NOLs of the merged corporation under some circumstances.
Under the proposed merger agreement, AGC shareholders and holders of certain warrants to purchase AGC common stock will receive, in total, approximately 4,425,000 restricted shares of the company's common stock, $.
The special meeting of Columbia's stockholders to vote on the merger remains scheduled to be convened on February 27, 2007.