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MERLMerlin (bird species Falco columbarius)
MERLMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
MERLMunicipal Environmental Research Laboratory
MERLMicroelectronics Research Laboratory (Rutgers University)
MERLMaterial Engineering Research Laboratory (UK)
MERLMinimum Essential Requirements List
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Every day-to-day happening in the stump becomes a treacherous, over-the-top, squash-and-stretch hyper romp adventure-no matter how hard Merl tries to avoid it.
In a nifty shot, Creadon, a veteran cameraman, matches Mussina's voice-over commentary about collective puzzle playing with a shot of the Yankee infield surrounding the pitcher as he decides how to pitch to Barry Bonds, a situation Mussina compares to a Sunday Merl Reagle puzzle.
Only about 2% of the consumer volume is loyal or exclusive to brand [in this category]," says Merl.
We're surprised because there's not a lot of smoking here, and the two generally go together," Merl observes.
MERL, based in Hertford, was bought from founder Dr Andrew Stevenson, who will stay on with the new grouping as a consultant and non-executive director.
He gives back through mentoring early stage companies in Maryland through TEDCO's MERL program.
Contract notice: Catering service to run in the interest of hearth educational department of the city of luxembourg (assembly kitchen fireplace merl school, school fireplaces deliver belair and hollerich).
Chenier and his Red Hot Louisiana Zydeco Band, Rod MacDonald, Arvel Bird, Jonathan Edwards, Greg Brown, Merl Saunders and the late Rick Danko (The Band).
Your loving grandson Kevin, great grandsons Aiden and Cam and your underwear buddy Merl xxx (To Nan, the day has finally come, with no more pain or tears shed.
Berlin's financial industry rescue fund, SoFFin, had received nearly 150 queries from financial institutions in total, Boersenzeitung reportedly said citing Guenther Merl, a spokesman for SoFFin's executive committee.
The center features a number of cutting-edge technologies, including 40 state-of-the-art computers and two MERL Diamond-touch tables, which allow the user to interact with PC-based simulations using a touch screen.
GA1/4nther Merl, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, believes the institution is still firmly on track: "Operating business remains most lively despite the turbulence in the markets, and growth in medium- and long-term new business is running at just short of 20 %, which is very much in line with our ambitious annual plan.