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mgrMagister (Polish university degree)
MGRM. G. Ramachandran (politician in Tamil Nadu, India)
MGRMonthly Gross Rake (online poker)
MGRMajor Gene Resistance
MGRMedical Group Resources
MGRMTI Ground Radar
MGRMagnoporthe Grissa Repeat
MGRMultistep Gradual Rounding
MGRMinimal Global Routing
MGRMilitary Grid Reference
MGRMgarr (postal locality, Malta)
MGRMG Rover Group (British car manufacturer; Longbridge, UK)
MGRMurmurs, Gallops, or Rubs
MGRMichael, Gabriel and Raphael (archangels)
MGRMerry-Go-Round (train, bulk coal haulage)
MGRMedia Group
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Their merry-go-round was believed to be one of the first city centre roundabouts in the country.
Paul Naylon, group managing director of Mono commented: "We are delighted to have formed this partnership with Water For All to introduce a new solar pump that includes a merry-go-round.
During a visit to Arizona in about 1960, Pietro's Pizza chain founder Norm Kolln of Eugene caught a glimpse of the merry-go-round and decided he had to have it for his restaurant.
A limited supply of skilled and experienced black executives can virtually write their salary packages "in a merry-go-round of black head-hunting".
Like Traffic and Crash, other recent cinematic feats of serpentine storytelling, Syriana rejects both the narrow perspective of a single narrator and the simplistic approach of a tale of heroes and villains, offering instead a merry-go-round set of perspectives introducing a cast of sympathetic but complex and flawed characters, none of whom is in control of the whole story.
The exhilaration, both intellectual and physical, which grips the architect at such a moment is one consolation for the inevitable merry-go-round of prosaic matters which accompany the creation of a building itself.
We have just as many on the merry-go-round ready to go back into prison.
It took as its site the merry-go-round building at the Santa Monica Pier.
Actually, it sounds more like an upbeat episode from "The Twilight Zone": A father and his grown son get on a merry-go-round that takes them back in time to relive moments from the son's childhood.
In Trauth's view, evidence of recurring rainy periods in Stone Age Africa supports the idea that human ancestors and other animals evolved to deal with a merry-go-round of novel environments spawned by frequent climate changes (SN: 7/12/97, p.
The transfer merry-go-round has seen team squads change beyond recognition but the first in a flurry of football management games will have them all packed in, offering you the chance to steer your side to glory.