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In each subject, 6 sites were evaluated on each tooth present (distobuccal, midbuccal, mesiobuccal, distolingual, midlingual, and mesiolingual).
Using a template, permanent first molars (#3, 14, 19, 30 typodont teeth) in each quadrant were coated with one cc of artificial calculus on the mesiobuccal surfaces.
The measurements of the buccal alveolar crest level (BACL) were done on the corresponding coronal images of the upper first molars' mesiobuccal tubercle cusps (Figure 5).
Results showed that the mesiobuccal cusp of the first molar was the deepest part of the von spee's curve, and eruption of lower molars (M7-MP/S-MP) was more significantly less related to depth of von spee's curve as compared to eruption of lower incisors (L1-MP/S-MP).
In molar teeth of both the maxilla and mandible, mesiobuccal cusp was the first to undergo calcification followed with mesiolingual, distobuccal, and finally, distolingual cusp.
On clinical and radiographic examination, the patient was diagnosed with previously attempted incomplete endodontic treatment and presence of a separated instrument in the middle 1/3rd of mesiobuccal canal of 36.
Another sample was taken from mesiobuccal pocket of the tooth located distal to implant site.
1 For example, mesiobuccal root of maxillary 1st molar has been reported to have two distinct canals since 1925.
The mesiobuccal roots were considered in the MX group and the mesial roots in the MD group.
It was classified as normal occlusion when the mesiobuccal apex of the first permanent upper molar was occluding the mesiobuccal sulcus of its lower counterpart without altering the relationships between upper anterior teeth and lower teeth.