mesorMidline Estimating Statistic of Rhythm
MESoRManagement and Exploitation of Solar Resource Knowledge (EU)
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The cosinor model was valid, confirming that melatonin has a circadian pattern of concentration in Echinaster brasilien-sis, with a acrophase at 2147 h and a mesor of 4.
In comparison to that observed in the animals under the natural light/dark cycle, the peak of production in the animals kept at constant darkness was a little earlier, at 2035 h, and the mesor was statistically higher (8.
The mesor value (mean) for men and women volleyball players is 118.
Category Percent Probability Mesor Rhythm Level [+ or -] S.
By contrast, the mean (95% CI) MESOR in the obese group was much higher than that in the lean group [210.