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MPMember of Parliament
MPMilitary Police
MPNorthern Mariana Islands (US postal abbreviation)
MPMy Pleasure
MPMega Pixel (digital cameras)
MPMulti Purpose
MPMinutes Played (basketball)
MPMauritius (Including Chagosis & Rodriquezis)
MPMetropolitan Police
MPMulti-Player (gaming)
MPMonthly Payment
MPMinistério Público (Brazil)
MPMinisterio Público (Spanish)
MPMelting Point
MPMammalian Phenotype
MPMeeting Point
MPMissouri Pacific (railroad)
MPMessenger Plus!
MPMissing Person
MPMedida Provisória (Brazil)
MPMelrose Place (TV show)
MPMetroid Prime (video game)
MPMonitoring Plan
MPMotor Pool
MPMetroid Prime (game)
MPMedium Pressure
mpMiljöpartiet de Gröna (Swedish political party)
MPMultilink Protocol
MPMinisterpräsident (German: Prime Minister)
MPMultiple Path
MPMario Party (game)
MPMoot Point
MPMessage Protocol
MPMike Portnoy (drummer for the band Dream Theater)
MPMonterey Peninsula (Central California)
MPMultiple Personality
MPMulticast Protocol
MPMessage Personnel (French: Personal Message)
MPMission Pack (gaming)
MPMetacarpophalangeal (joint)
MPMoscow Patriarchate
MPMetering Pump
MPModus Ponens
MPMiddle Point
MPMedical Progress
MPMacross Plus (anime movie)
MPMinimum Phase
MPMultipartite (virus scanners)
MPMorning Prayer
MPMezzo - Piano (Music, Moderately Soft)
MPMerit Promotion
MPModplug (music software)
MPMana Points (role playing games)
MPMental Pain
MPMouvement Populaire (French: Popular Movement)
MPMilitary Program (USACE)
MPMessage Processor
MPMerpati Putih (Indonesian martial art)
MPMission Profile
MPMinuteman Project
MPMission President (LDS Church)
MPMeridian Park (Elementary School; Shoreline School District)
MPMultilink Point-To-Point Protocol
MPModernization Plan
MPMiddle Persian (linguistics)
MPMietpreis (German: rental price/rate)
MPModule Processor
MPMoeller-Plesset (perturbation theory - quantum chemistry)
MPMysterious Person (movies/comics)
MPMultipoint Processor
MPMurray Perahia (classical pianist)
MPMobilization Plan
MPMaintenance Provider (various organizations)
MPMission Pilot
MPMillet Partisi
MPMerry Part (Pagan farewell)
MPMessage Parser
MPMonkey Productions (gaming site)
MPMycoplasmal Pneumonia (swine mycoplasmosis)
MPMotor Potential
MPMatric Potential
MPMillat Party (Pakistan)
MPManu Propria (Latin: Signed by His Own Hand)
MPMinnesota Poll
MPMind Points (gaming)
MPManufacturing-Use Product (EPA)
MPMispunch (Orienteering)
MPModulation Parameter
MPMeson Physics
MPMerit Party (armed wing of the ANC; South Africa)
MPMiles Prower (video game character)
MPMini Process
MPMishap Pilot
MPMission Processor
MPModified Permit
MPMagnified Plaid (band)
MPMilieuprogramma (Dutch: environment program)
MPManiacal Plan (New York, NY band)
MPMiscellaneous Processing
MPMoxie Points
MPMessenger Puppet (blog)
MPManpower Plans and Policy Division
MPMalacañan Palace (Philippines)
MPMedium Energy Physics
MPMunky Punch (band)
MPMeteorological Processor
MPMovement Planner
MPMateriel Professional (Program)
MPMulti Premier (cable channel)
MPMichigan Panthers
MPMuscularity Points
MPMandatory Present
MPMovement Projection (software)
MPMetrics Personnel (Sprint)
MPMultinational Publication
MPMontgomery Pfeifer (design firm; San Francisco, CA)
MPMonetary Precision
MPMindless Phragging (gaming clan)
MPMakemie Park
MPMaster Plant Procedure
MPMachine Pistol
MPMadhya Pradesh (state in India)
MPMagic Points (gaming)
MPMagnetic Pressure
MPMain Propulsion
MPMaintenance Plan
MPMajor Program
MPMan Portable
MPMan Power
MPManagement Plan
MPManhattan Project
MPMaritime Patrol
MPMass Production
MPMaster Pattern
MPMaster Plan
MPMoney Purchase (type of qualified retirement plan)
MPMonty Python
MPMotion Picture
MPMouse Pad
MPManifold Pressure
MPMaximum Power
MPMain Process
MPMaster Practitioner
MPMulti-Purpose (military ammunition: incorporating elements of fragmentation, incendiary, high explosive, and armor piercing; aka Raufoss type)
MPManufacturing Procedure
MPMaintenance Pack (software maintenance)
MPMaurizio Pollini (classical pianist)
MPMarkov Process
MPMassively Parallel
MPMario Paint (video game)
MPMario Party (video game)
MPMount Pleasant (various locations)
MPMaintenance Pilot (US Army)
MPMaintenance Procedure
MPMaschinenpistole (German: Machine Pistol)
MPMaintenance Point
MPMass Party (Thailand)
MPMain Processor
MPMedia Player
MPMassage Parlor
MPMain Program
MPMonitoring Point
MPMaximum Parsimony
MPMatching Pursuit (algorithm)
MPmarginal profit
MPMoneypenny (Jane Moneypenny, fictional James Bond character)
MPMatthew Perry (actor)
MPMalvern Preparatory School (Pennsylvania)
MPMaster Processor
MPMechanical Pencil
MPMeat Puppets (rock band)
MPMail Protocol
MPMember of Parliament (also seen as MoP)
MPMatches Played (soccer statistics)
MPMaintenance Partition (Cisco)
MPMarcy Playground (band)
MPMajor Project
MPMaster Points (bridge card game)
MPManpower and Personnel
MPMathematics and Physics (various universities)
MPMarket Place
MPMaintenance Processor
MPMedical Physics
MPMadhubani Painting (artwork; India)
MPMeasurement Point
MPMax Payne (video game)
MPMarapets (online game)
MPManagement Partner
MPMaster Plumber
MPMr Pibb (soft drink)
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Marker Location Marker Placement Segment C7 7th cervical vertebra Spinous process of 7th Thorax cervical vertebra CLAV Clavicle Jugular notch where Thorax clavicle meets sternum RSHO Right shoulder marker Place on top of Scapula acromio-clavicular joint RLEL Right lateral elbow Place on lateral epicondyle Humerus approximating right elbow joint axis RMEL Right medial elbow Place on medial epicondyle Humerus approximating right elbow joint axis RMWR Right wrist marker Processus styloideus radius Forearm radius RLWR Right wrist marker Processus styloideus ulna Forearm ulna RFIN Right middle finger Metacarpophalangeal joints Hand of right middle finger Table 4.
A small osseous fragment was noted on the ulnar side of the first metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint (Figure 2).
At this point, there was exposure of all extensor tendons from the distal forearm to the level of the metacarpophalangeal joints (Fig 3).
In 34 metacarpophalangeal joints, 28 corrected to 0[degrees], and 2 corrected to 50[degrees] of normal extension with full range of motion.
Sensitivity and specificity analyses showed that ultra-sound images of the wrist, metacarpophalangeal (MCP) region, and MTP region were the best predictors of joint involvement, improving upon clinical predictive models for RA.
History and physical examination revealed intense pain, allodynia, hyperpathia, hyperemia, contracture of the wrist, of the metacarpophalangeal joints and of the proximal interphalangeal joints, abnormal sweating, and increased hair growth over the dorsum of the hand, hypoesthesia, dystrophic nail changes and tremor in the right hand.
6) The arthropathy associated with hemochromatosis is manifested as a noninflammatory condition that initially involves the small joints of the hands, particularly the second and third metacarpophalangeal joints and eventually the large articulations, such as the knees, hips, and shoulders.
A pulley is made in the region of the pisiform bone, and the transfer is attached near the metacarpophalangeal joint.
In this report, we present a case of tophaceous gout in the third metacarpophalangeal joint of a female patient with normal levels of plasma uric acid and no history of acute gout attack.
Backhaus and coworkers (29) recent work suggested a further simplification to seven joints (wrist; metacarpophalangeal joints, MCP2 and MCP3; proximal interphalangeal joints, PIP2 and PIP3; and metatarsophalangeal joints, MTP2 and MTP5 on the clinically dominant side, performed in 10 to 20 minutes, including documentation), with their scores correlating well with DAS28 changes at 3 and 6 months, and patients on DMARD, biologic, and combination therapy.
Third, the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint for the thumb is constrained to a single degree of freedom (DOF) revolute-type joint that only accounts for flexion and extension.
During the first 3 postoperative weeks, injured hands were immobilized by splinting the wrist in 40-45[degrees] extension, metacarpophalangeal (MP) joint 020[degrees] flexion and IP joints in the neutral position.