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MTPMedia Transfer Protocol
MTPMeet the Press (NBC news program)
MTPMessage Transfer Part
MTPMedium-Term Plan
MTPMicrosomal Triglyceride Transfer Protein
MTPMedia Termination Point (Cisco)
MTPMicrowave Temperature Profiler
MTPMulticast Transport Protocol
MTPMulti-Terrain Pattern (British Army; UK)
MTPManagement Trainee Program (Canada)
MTPMultiple Time Programmable (electronics)
MTPMessage Transfer Protocol (SS7)
MTPMilitary Toxics Project
MTPMitochondrial Trifunctional Protein
MTPMail Transport Protocol
MTPMaintenance Test Pilot
MTPMovement for Tolerance and Progress (Burkina Faso)
MTPMinutes to Post (horse racing; time before the race is run)
MTPMaster Treatment Plan
MTPManufacturing Technology Partnership
MTPMove to Production
MTPMultiple Spanning Tree (IEEE 802.1s)
MTPMultipoint-to-Point (network)
MTPMicro-Titer Plate
MTPMulticast Translator Based on IGMP/MLD Proxying
MTPMaximum Total Trihalomethane Potential
mtpMassive Transfusion Protocol
MTPManufacturing Technology Program
MTPMessage Transfer Point
MTPMiles Tails Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog game character)
MTPMaster of Town Planning
MTPMinimum Tour Price (airfare construction)
mTPMitochondrial Transit Peptide
MTPModel Taper Pipe (engineering)
MTPMulti-TADIL Processor
MTPMilly Tiklanish Democratic Partiya (Democratic National Rebirth Party, Uzbekistan)
MTPMateriel Transfer Plan
MTPMaster Timing Pulse
MTPMotor Thermal Protection
MTPMater Test Plan
MTPMaritime Tactical Publication
MTPMaster Test Procedure
MTPMulti Threat Protection (vests)
MTPMean Temperature and Pressure
MTPMetal Transfer Printing
MTPMaster Training/Test Plan
MTPMaintenance Test Plan
MTPMaintenance Test Package
MTPMulti Thread Programming
MTPMuy Tu Problema
MTPMission Test/Training Plan
MTPMission Tailored Product
MTPMain Teaching Points
MTPMilitary Training Plan
MTPMaster of Town and Country Planning
MTPMedium Term Priority (various organizations)
MTPMedical Termination of Pregnancy
MTPMassage Therapy Program
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Unethical podiatrists, however, would bill with the CPT codes 28022 (arthrotomy of metatarsophalangeal joint); 28306 (first metatarsal ostectomy); 28288 (ostectomy, first metatarsal head); 28234 (tenotomy); and other codes they think will not raise questions.
The MOTION study, the largest prospective clinical trial for osteoarthritis of the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint , was designed to determine the safety and efficacy of Cartiva SCI in comparison to arthrodesis (joint fusion), the current standard of care, for reducing the debilitating pain associated with osteoarthritis of the MTP joint in the great toe.
Editor's notes: The metatarsophalangeal joint connects the metatarsal bones of the foot and the proximal bones (proximal phalanges) of the toes - similar to the area of the hand called the knuckles.
and the cables connecting the generator working ends; sets to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee implants; titanium compression screws, cannulated and metatarsophalangeal joint prostheses; phalangeal; steinman nails, intramedullary nailing of femoral lockable, tibias and shoulder; plates for fixation of periarticular fractures of the humerus; stabilizers dhs and dcs; time endoprosthesis of the hip and knee; cables from the terminal to supply periprosthetic femoral fractures; anchoring bone screws and kirschner wires casings; autogenous system for obtaining growth factors and venous blood with autogenous bone marrow stem cells from the centrifuge along with the lease.
Although all peripheral joints may be involved in the disease, the metacarpo-phalangeal (MCF) joints, proximal interphalangeal (PIF) joints, wrists, and metatarsophalangeal (MTF) joints are the most frequently involved.
section]) 'Small joints' refers to the metacarpophalangeal joints, proximal interphalangeal joints, second through fifth metatarsophalangeal joints, thumb interphalangeal joints, and wrists.
Other data can also lend support to the diagnosis, including a typical clinical history, sudden, violent acute joint pain, frequent classic first metatarsophalangeal joint involvement, underlying renal disease, a history or use of medicine causing hyperuricemia, high serum urate levels, radiological evidence supporting gout arthritis, and a positive response to topical cold administration or colchicine treatment.
Markers were located bilaterally at (1) anterior superior iliac spines, (2) posterior superior iliac spines, (3) greater trochanters, (4) midlateral thighs, (5) lower front thighs, (6) lateral knees, (7) tibial tubercles, (8) lower lateral shanks, (9) lateral ankles, (10) top of second metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints, (11) posterior heels, (12) lateral fifth MTPs, and (13) lateral calcanei.
On the other hand, he said he'd urge that a patient with morning stiffness lasting longer than 1 hour, tenderness of the metacarpophalangeal or metatarsophalangeal joints, and suspected synovitis on physical examination be referred to a rheumatologist to see if an early inflammatory arthritis is involved, even if the RF and/or ACPA tests are negative.
There were multiple small nodules and a large nodule on the dorsum of left hand at the base of 3rd metacarpal (Figure 1), a localized cystic granuloma in the retrocalcaneal region is shown, and multiple tophaceous deposits over the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint and hallux valgus deformity are seen.
Months before that day, Fair was diagnosed with bone spurs in the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint in his right foot, a condition that keeps the toe from bending properly.
Months before that day, Fair was diagnosed with bone spurs in the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint in his fight foot, a condition that keeps the toe from bending properly.